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Justrite Streamlined Cap Lamp Braces Small quantity cap lamphand lamp felts. Lamp-Tramp OnLine Storeby C.Gatland Photography & Design Reflector Wing NutsCapture Nuts Justrite 7 inch reflector brace (1 only) Shop HomeCategoriesView CartRefund PolicyOther Mining Items Manufactured Guys Dropper cap lamp braces. Manufactured Justrite cap lamp braces. Reflector WingCapture Nuts for Justrite & Auto-Lite Manufactured wire … Read more

Carbide Ca

Here you can view my carbide cap lamps. Just click on the small thumbnail image & you will be taken to a page with a larger more detailed version of the lamp. Just click your browsers back button to come back to this page, or click the Carbide Lamps navigation link on the left. © … Read more

Rebuild a Carbide Lamp

To load your lamp you simply fill the bottom chamber about half way with carbide crystals. You can use powder, I just prefer the crystals. Get it online or at specialty shops. Ive heard of florists using it to kill mice. No clue about the accuracy of that potential urban legend. With a little creativity … Read more

Carbide lamp

CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list (link) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Chemical News and the Journal of Physical Science Carbide lampDemonstration experiment: Instruction and video . Bergamot Publishing.ISBN26. . Westernlore Publications.ISBN43. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Please helpimprove this articlebyadding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In … Read more

Calcium Carbide 1lb Can

***GROSS WEIGHT 1LB*** (Calcium Carbide and Container) HQ Company has been the primary provider of small quantities of Calcium Carbide for years. 1lb. Cans can only be shipped USPS because of hazmat regulations. ***NET WEIGHT IS 12.8 OZ*** (Calcium Carbide) Calcium Carbide for use in Carbide Lamps Get the latest updates on new products and … Read more

Light Your Trail With a Carbide Lamp

A generation or two ago, carbide headlamps were standard equipment for miners, spelunkers, and such night-ranging outdoor folks as coon hunters … but the sturdy lights were gradually phased out by convenient modern battery or propane or white gas lanterns. Today, however, carbide is enjoying a comeback as more and more outdoor enthusiasts rediscover the … Read more

Carbide Lamps

National Museum of American History National Museum of American History National Museum of American History National Museum of American History National Museum of American History National Museum of American History National Museum of American History The general design of carbide lamps was consistent across designers and manufacturers, with the differences often being improvements to the … Read more