How to buy ultra-thin ultra-bright energy-saving LED flat panel light?

Compared with other lighting products, LED panel lights have outstanding advantages: ultra-thin, ultra-bright, ultra-energy-saving, long-life, and saving worry! Green environmental protection. However, the quality of LED panel lights varies greatly. Consumers do not know how to choose? [amazon_link asins=’B01N74WC2N,B01FX5D4OA,B00QFXTHVO,B014VXNJ5Y,B00RCC6Q48,B01MDTG43E,B00P1FVZ2Q,B01M7NXYO7,B072K8BXPQ|B01M3P35TH,B015IX7I1W,B01ND1FXDU,B017Z5OKS0,B01DWT15S6,B01L9EOW9K,B01N9X2SZF,B01N5US2DS,B01GGBXKOO|B01L9KX34O,B00714OR98,B07C1G4TQR,B017PNIDAI,B076DFLHBJ,B01HOA4O9G,B01HOA4M9I,B01HOA55LC,B01GPXQ2T8|B01FJK7PYE,B075VQYCW4,B07416YVCY,B00B186MD4,B075VQQLRT,B01FJK7RHE,B01FPD24XW,B00WDSEN5U,B07416XVR1|B00QFXTHVO,B072WZQYND,B077Y14PRK,B079FG73SM,B015DSPLEI,B01FH2JX3A,B01GJGHYOS,B079FFJXVS,B01CY9PIEC|B00WGD2958,B01FJK7QUW,B01M998PSP,B00S1B998O,B0136RCQAA,B07BMZF5PN,B002N8ZZ52,B006QTE1PY,B01H1C0AYU|B00CPL7TXI,B017PNIDAI,B01N5B5L0B,B0136RCKE2,B00F8VFLLE,B01N48L0AC,B017PNIE1Q,B01MSTRW6M,B078PGQ7P1′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’jhrs-20|lamps06-21|lamps0c-21|lamps0e-21|loveca07-20|lamps03-21|lamps05-21′ marketplace=’US|UK|DE|FR|CA|IT|ES’ link_id=’4645c278-45c9-11e8-bbfc-330eec8c7fc1′] In view of the vicious competition in the market for flat panel … Read more

Office LED Lighting Buying Tips

In the current LED lighting market, LED lights for outdoor lighting and public lighting applications are relatively extensive, home lighting and commercial lighting are slowly penetrating, and office lighting is slightly later. With the recent changes in the form of computerized paperless office, people have begun to pay attention to the effects of office lighting … Read more

Lighting lamps purchase knowledge summary

Many people refer to the lamp as the “home’s eye.” From this point on, the lamp’s role in the home can be seen. Gorgeous crystal lamps, elegant retro wall lamps, romantic table lamps… These are essential decorations for every family. Lights are the eyes of the family and must not be sloppy when they are … Read more

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Lighting selection method

The first is security. When choosing a light fixture, you can’t just be greedy and cheap, but first look at its quality, check the warranty book, and whether the certificate is complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is certainly not good. The quality of many cheap lamps is … Read more

How to choose the right lamps

Buy for the living room         It is advisable to use solemn, bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps. If the room is higher, an incandescent chandelier or a larger circular chandelier is preferred, which makes the living room look transparent. However, it is not appropriate to use all the pendant lights with downward light distribution, but the … Read more

How to purchase energy saving lamps

The brightness and life of energy-saving lamps are superior to those of incandescent light bulbs, and they are particularly good at saving energy. Energy-saving lamps are U-shaped, spiral-type, petal-type, etc., ranging in power from 3 watts to 40 watts. The prices of energy-saving lamps of different models, different specifications, and different production areas differ greatly. … Read more

Bath heater purchase considerations

According to heating methods, the bulb infrared heating bath and the heater heating bath, the market is mainly bulb infrared heating bath. According to the function of three-in-one Bath heater and two-in-one Bath heater, three-in-one Bath heater lighting, heating, exhaust function; two-in-one Bath heater only lighting, heating function. According to the installation mode, it can … Read more

Spotlight procurement knowledge and precautions

It can be placed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture. It can also be placed inside walls, skirts or baseboards. The light shines directly on the things that need to be emphasized, so as to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect, and achieve artistic effects with outstanding focus, unique environment, rich … Read more