13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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Designer Tina Muller puts the finishing touch on this spacious, streamlined master bathroom with a show-stopping chandelier. 24 sleek chrome branches end in a low-voltage LED bulb to provide plenty of light while using less energy than standard incandescent or even CFL bulbs.

For this cottage-style bathroom, designerSarah Richardsonchose a pair of glitzy mirrored sconces, instead of a standard bar-style vanity light, to flank the Venetian mirror. Not only do the sconces work beautifully in this feminine space, theyre also a great choice for lighting the vanity area because they provide even cross lighting with minimal glare.

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Lonnie Unger, president ofSusan Fredman Design Group,recommends adding a glamorous look to your bathroom by thinking of whats inside your jewelry box. Add a touch of jewelry, she recommends, like this beaded pendant. The glitzy lighting is the perfect complement to this powder rooms gold damask wallpaper. Design byPal + Smith

Featuring a sculptural shape, frosted finish and laser-cut patterns, Kichler Lightings Jardine Bath collection reveals the more subtle side to lampshades for the bathroom. Photo courtesy of Kichler

In reference to a project her colleague Terri Crittenden designed, Lonnie suggests hanging a crystal pendant over the sink and mirror to sprinkle a soft glow throughout the space. Photo courtesy ofSusan Fredman Design Group

The trick to properly lighting a bathroom while creating a luxurious feel, says designerScott Arthur Yerkey, is to use multiple layers. Include makeup lighting along with wall sconces, place decorative ceiling lights over the tub area and light up any art displayed. In addition, add perimeter recessed lighting. For sparkle, he suggests crystal or glass.

Matching a lighting fixtures style to the bathrooms overall look is always a safe bet. Here, HGTV fan dwanderson used an aluminum gooseneck barn light to illuminate her farmhouse-style bathroom. A budget-friendly find, the outdoor-rated fixture casts plenty of light while adding an unexpected touch that looks right at home.

Who doesnt dream their master bath could feel like a world-class spa? The right lighting fixtures, controlled by dimmer switches, is one way to achieve the look, says designer Melissa Salamoff. For a futuristic glow above the tub, she recommends you skip the recessed can lights and instead drop a soffit over the tub and incorporate indirect lighting, such as LED strips, above it. Photo courtesy ofSalamoff Design Studio

Theres nothing dreamy or luxurious about a standard ceiling light in the bathroom. Learn how designers take bathrooms from blah to brilliant with the use of chandeliers, decorative wall sconces, perimeter and recessed lighting.

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For this powder room, designer Melissa Salamoff, principal ofSalamoff Design Studio,created a dramatic, jewel-like effect by recessing the mirror into the wall and adding LED strips at both the top and bottom. Bouncing off the mirror, the light effectively illuminates the vanity area and resembles the type of lighting youd see in a Hollywood dressing room.

Illuminating Ideas for Beautiful Bathroom Lighting

Lighting a shower area can be tricky one rule to follow: only use fixtures that are rated for use in damp or wet locations. The three nautical clam-shell style lights along the back wall of thisHGTV Dream Homeshower are a good example. The bulbs and all electrical components are totally enclosed so moisture isnt an issue.

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San Francisco-based Warren Sheets ofWarren Sheets Design, Inc.says LED lighting is the perfect solution for creating a soft and dreamy glow in the master bath, but they have to be positioned correctly. Called ambient, this type of lighting works best when you want to light under a raised furniture-style vanity, along the sides of niches or shelves and as cove lighting on the ceiling. Photography by Michael Lipman.

Follow Codes When Illuminating the Tub Area

Drew and Jonathon Scott gave this small bathroom a big dose of glamour with oh-so-chic touches like silver-foil wallpaper, an antique mirror and a gold-leafed clawfoot tub topped by a small crystal chandelier. While hanging lighting directly above a tub looks great, be sure to follow building codes for your area. Many specify that the base of the chandelier or any pendant-style light be a minimum of 8 feet above the tub with the idea that you shouldnt be able to touch any part of the fixture while standing in a tub filled with water.

When youre looking for a dreamy bathroom look, dont get carried away with the design scheme, says Sarah Barnard ofSarah Barnard Designin Santa Monica, Calif. A fan of Nesson lighting products, she chooses two simple wall sconces that look like candlesticks to light the vanity area. Along with a dimmer switch, the white glass diffuses the light in the room, while a color palette of blues and grays set the mood.

13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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