7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

thank you for your help. i will bring more here when i receive.

i had a dream yesterday while i was sleeping, that i was in an office building during an earthquake. i (the person i was viewing) got underneath a desk and pulled someone else underneath a desk too and i could hear this persons prayers.

Thank you this has been great exercise and I will now see this passage with one of two views possible. I have always seen it as 7, 7 branched menorah, and pluaral for menorah is (meh-no-rot) new for me too.

The root Resh-Ayin-Shin means to quake. The noun, derived from the root, means quaking.

Oh, רעש! Yes, that can mean loud noise or earthquake probably because earthquakes can be really loud. I grew up in Southern CA, so I know this from personal experience.

awesome! michele, if he speaks anything else into me i will be sure to ask right here in this shoutbox what it means. thank you so much for helping me.

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

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is there somewhere on the net that you all are getting this information from about the meanings of it?

The meh-no-rah (strongs 4501) of the wilderness mish-kan (strongs 4908) differs however, from the meh-no-rah of the city heh-hal (strongs 1964).

the greek translators of revelation 1:12-13 also used the greek word luch-ni-as, strongs number G3087.

Thank you Dan, as this then explains why in the commentary I read [in my question at the start] gives a place for 1 menorah or 7 menorah, and now with clearer insight in to the translating of the words [by yourself] I am seeing its possible in Revelation 1:12-13 to either have 1 menorah/lampstand with 7 lamps, or 7 menorah/lampstands with 1 lamp.

she asked for yahusha hamishiach to stop this earthquake and to save them from this. then i seen a bright light shine in the room (no one else could see this light) and the earthquake stopped. mind you the whole room was shaking stuff was falling.

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

I have come across an interesting view of the 7 lampstands in Revelation 1: 12-16 from a website commentary, which I pasted below the paragraph.

Hence, since meh-no-rah, simply meant lampstand, the number of lamps (neh-rot; strongs 5216) on any particular meh-no-rah, depends on the design of the meh-no-rah, in question. In exodus 25:37, the design called for seven neh-rot. In revelation 1:12-13, the designer does not state the number of lamps (1? 7? 57?) on each lampstand. Hence, each meh-no-rah, in revelation 1:12-13 might be fitted with one lamp (nehr).

each of which lampstand becomes outfitted with,

The Northridge-Santa-Monica earthquake was so loud we didnt even realize that our bookcases were falling over until it was over.

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

a. lampstand in revelation 1:12-13; and

Can any body tell me me how many roots of hebrew.oirigin roots.?

well, there was an earthquake the day of this message i received. hmmm this is getting weird.

Lampstand appears in singular tense in exodus 25:31-35.

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

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There is some debate over whether John is seeing seven menorahs or whether he is seeing one menorah holding its seven lamps. I would suggest that since there was only one menorah in the temple, since the Holy Spirit is described in Revelation 4:5 as seven torches of fire (not 49), and since the emphasis is on the fullness of Christ and his work, not on the fullness within the seven churches (remember that seven is a number of fullness and to suggest that each church had a fullness of testimony seems to deny Revelation 2&3), that we should see this as a single menorah which Christ is standing before, just as the High Priest in the temple would. As High Priest, it is Jesus who lights or extinguishes the lamps of these churches.

the hebrew word for lampstand or candlestick appearing in exodus 25:31-35, hebrew bible .. includes meh-no-rah, strongs number H4501.

i. seven meh-no-rot (lampstands – strongs H4501);

i could hear the earth shaking like i was in the quake myself. and all of a sudden it stopped. then i woke up and asked aloud. who was that women in the earthquake.

3. The greek translators of revelation 4:5 also applied the greek word, lampas, strongs G2985, in plural form.

2. The greek translators of this verse applied the greek word lahm-pas, strongs G2985, in plural form.

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sorry i mean Shin. just by itself. but he also said to me, YirmeYahu and a few minutes later he said Hoshea.

Lampstand appears in plural tense in revelation 1:12-13.

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

the greek translators of these verses deployed the greek word luch-ni-as, strongs number G3087, for the hebrew word meh-no-rah.

So, we can see that the book of revelation distinguishes between:

In answer to your question about where I get my information about Hebrew words…I speak modern Hebrew, I understand Biblical Hebrew and some Aramaic, and I amassed a lot of Hebrew dictionaries and lexicons during my years in rabbinical school.

Reading revelation 1:12-13 and 4:5 together, the conclusion appears that in the book of revelation we have:

You will observe that by the time of solomon, the meh-no-rah had evolved from one lampstand …. into ten lampstands (meh-no-rot) …. 1 kings 7:49. These newer meh-no-rot may not have enjoyed the seven branches as the meh-no-rah in the time of moses.

1. In judges 7:16, the so-fe-rim deploy the hebrew word la-pid, strongs H3940, in plural form. This word means torch or lamp.

So then if as in Exodus 25:31-35, Revelation 1:12-13 menorah is plural, then is it possible to read in Revelation menorah [as in Exodus, one menorah with 7 lamps] and not 7 menorahs?

pls answer my question about my name in hebrew /thread/5446/name-western-hebrew

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

ii. one lah-pid (torch or lamp – strongs H3940);

7 lampstands or 1 lampstand with its 7 lamps?

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michele; that is a very significant statement that you made: i.e., i speak modern hebrew, i understand biblical hebrew; on multiple levels.

the english translators of revelation 1:12-13, reveal the word as lampstands.

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