Aladdin Electric Lamp

Have you ever dreamt of a genie in a bottle? Now you can have an alladin electrical lamp if you decide to choose from the wide range of possibilities presented below. They all differ when it comes to design, shape and size but they all fulfill their function well. Take your time and browse through these photos.

A beautiful example of the characteristic Alladin electric lamps. Finished in gentle ivory, it features a 3-way switch. Measures 8 to the socket. A great proposition for all vintage or rustic design enthusiasts.

Vintage 1950s table lamp with lusterware peach orange hourglass base, after rewiring – retains perfect condition, though it hasnt got a shade. Which may be good news, as one can choose it on their own, according to their taste.

Now you can illuminate your bachelor pad with a fantastic piece of slender beauty. A graceful silhouette of this electric lamp presents a gorgeous lady with a cat design both standing on a round red and white base.


Make a grand impression with this Aladdin Mantle electric lamp. Its painted inside and outside of the Alacite base with yellow glow and ultraviolet light. It adds a magic touch into any home.

Will magical creature also emerge from this Aladdins electric lamp? Aladdin Nickel Plate Electric Burner have incredible shades of shades of currant, dark fuchsia and pastel white with hand-painted patterns of delicate flowers on the ceramic top.

This 1940s Aladdin electric lamp offers a sublime structure that is simply packed with style and utmost charm, making it into the best option for your household and allowing you to elevate the look of your interior immensely thanks to the deep red finish of the base.

Another single bulb vintage lamp, so called Aladdin lamp, with understated but charming vase shaped base that frankly speaking looks pretty antique. Its ivory glass construction has some delicate details to it.

A gorgeous Princess Feather jadite lamp, being a true vintage addition to any classic interior. It enchants with its wonderful jadite color, adorned with a fantastic design around the entire lamp. It preserved great working condition.

The olive lamp, also known as the torch, appeared in ancient Greece or in Rome, that is in countries where olive oil was available at your fingertips. It is reminiscent of todays arrangements, just like the one with a golden finish with a traditional form.

Boasting of its slender silhouette and old-fashioned glamour, this made-electric kerosene / oil lamp can be a nice way to improve your home with vintage flair. It holds a hand-blown hurricane, designed of clear glass.

Who doesnt love Alladin? I used to be in love with him when I was a little girl! Now weve got the option to keep our childhood heroes with us, in various forms. This lamp is elegant, yet it carries some joyful energy with it.

On this picture, you can see main examples of Aladdin electric lamp. Magic and contemporary power come with a great traditional design. Red ceramic stems, hand-made lampshades with embroidered floral motifs or pleated lampshade texture.

A fashionable pair of electric Aladin lamps that feature a cylindrical body with a flaming design, a slightly widened round base, and a matching finial on top. The drum shades are designed of quality fabric reinforced with stylish piping.

Aladdin electric lamp with solid brass core and charming lily of the valley design: creamy white lily was portrayed on aqua blue background. Vintage boudoir accessory: needs restoration & perhaps to be dressed with a shade.

Capiz Shell Duck Electric Luminary 9.5 H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

For a traveler and dreamers – aladdin eletric lamp will glow their minds. The base of the lamp took the form of a genuine fairy lamp from Alladyn. Made of iron, with gold finish. The cover is decorated in a world map.

Attractive Aladdin electric lamp for table use. It features a solid frame finished in white color that is neutral, so it perfectly blends with any decor. Attractive floral pattern of this frame provides additional aesthetic value.

Durable electric lamp with an Aladdin stylization. This metal frame is nickel plated for durability and attractiveness. Round base provides good level of stability. This lamp also includes an attractive glass shade in red color.

Choose this funny and truly charming lamp for your interior to grace it with a bit of fun and an original vibe to its looks. It sports the Aladding theme and the red and white finish to brighten up your space.

With this beautiful Aladdin lamp, your home will be oozing with warm light and intimate atmosphere. Designed in the 1950s, the lamp is electric, and made of alacite glass with leaf pattern. Geenie not included:)

An attractive Aladdin theme in the house. This electric lamp is based on alacite glass. Its neutral colors match any decor. Solid base with round surface provides good support and stability. The lamp provides good level of illumination.

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What a nice vintage collection of Alladin lamps! Naturally they are electric to provide modern convenience, but their handsome retro looks bring good old times to mind! Gilted elements are matched with pastel watermelon pink layout.

This sublime Aladdin lamp sports the brass finish and offers the combination of brass and wood on its structure, allowing for a nice boost for any antique styled interior. It will brighten up your space and do it with style.

The charming Alladin style lamp is an excellent way to magically and very stylishly decor of a living room or bedroom. All based on vintage brass construction and original white shade glass looks great in any decor.

A practical handbook for all Aladdin electric lamp fans. This stylishly issued catalogue contains manuals and price guides, helping you to choose the ideal lamp for your house.

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