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1952 Glass plant closed All glass molds destroyed with exception of plain stem Washington drape and font.

1955 Last Aladdin glass lamp, B-53, removed from price list

Electric Aladdin lamps were sold beginning in 1930. Unique deco designs made Aladdin electric lamps popular in major cities during the 1930s and 1940s.

1949 Main offices moved from Chicago to Nashville, Model 12 & Model B Nashville burners thru 1954

1931 Patents the Lox-On® mantle, commonly used today

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Aladdin Industries Inc. reorganized in 1999, changed to Aladdin Industries LLC and Ari Chaney replaced Fred Meyer as President and CEO.

1911 Model 3 is born and patented featuring a combined mantle cap and burner cone (cap mantle replaced by KoneKap mantle), improved construction and a new air distributor or gasifier (flame spreader).

Fifteen models of Aladdin lamps have been made in the United States since 1909. Domestic manufacture was suspended in 1963 and Models 21C and 23 were imported from England and Model C from Brazil. Not all models made in England were imported for sale in the U.S. More recently, Model 23 lamps have been made in Hong Kong. Aladdins (lamp bowls and fonts; not burners) were also made in Argentina and Australia.

The Mantle Lamp Company established subsidiaries in Greenford, England (1919); Sydney, Australia (1923); and Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic (1925) to distribute Aladdins around the world.

1926 Lippincott Glass Company purchased

The Alexandria plant was closed June 30, 1952 after the death of inventor and designer Eugene Schwarz. At that time all molds for the glass kerosene and electric lamps were sold as scrap and destroyed. The lamp manufacturing operations, by now greatly reduced, were moved from Alexandria to Nashville. Domestic sales of kerosene lamps declined significantly during the ensuing years. Inexpensive glass and aluminum lamps made in Brazil were sold mostly for utility and emergency use. Export sales and the demand for replacement parts were sufficient to keep lamps in the company inventory. The production of Aladdin electric lamps ceased in 1956.

1930 Production began on electric lamps

1943 Name bug screen changed to insect screen

1932 First glass lamp; Australian mfgr of lamp bodies started but no burners mfgrd

1954 Flood destroyed all metal lamp and burner tooling. Model B discontinued. Remaining burner stock on hand went to B-53

1924 Aladdin Industries Ltd Australia

1907 Victor Johnson forms the Western Lighting Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1910 first two Canadian offices opened

1943 -1945 No brass lamps manufactured

1944 – 1952 bakelite lamps were manufactured in Australia

1921 Model 10 first reinforced wicks & end to wick carrier

1951 Outsourced glass shades available

1908 Johnson moves business to Chicago, Illinois and incorporates The Mantle Lamp Company of America and sells Practicus lamps

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1909 Introduces the first Alladin Lamp Model 1

1917 US entered WWI and parts for competitors using German made burners, mantles & chimneys became unavailable putting them out of business

1949 Much of the lamp line revised. Paint replaced plating for most metal lamp applications.

Aladdin Industries, Inc. was formed as a subsidiary of The Mantle Lamp Company in 1919 in Chicago to make and sell Thermalware® and vacuum bottles. In 1949, The Mantle Lamp Company of America merged with its subsidiary (Aladdin Industries, Inc.) taking the latter name as being more representative of its diverse products. In the same year, the vacuum-ware operations were moved from Alexandria to Nashville, Tennessee. Aladdins Hopalong Cassidy lunch box changed the way children carried their lunch to school for the next 20 years.

The Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company is proud to continue the 90-year tradition of manufacturing Aladdin lampsthe finest non-electric lamp in the world. The company is building a new home for the Aladdin lamp in Clarksville, Tennessee.

1917 Model 7 was first lamp using all new tooling designed just for Aladdin; first bug screens,

1928 First Aladdin manufactured glass shades, first paper shades, name generator changed to flamer spreader, Model 12 Lox-on mantle and chimney introduced

1974 Glass lamp production resumed with undated model 23 Lincoln Drape

1917-18 registered lots of patents making them unique from the competition

1994 Fenton started manufacturing a line of glass lamps for Aladdin

1915 Model 6 First floor lamp introduced and also converted to electricity. This became Alladins first electric lam; Model 6 wins gold metal at Worlds Fair.

1949 Mantle Lamp Co. merged with Aladdin Industries

1919 Aladdin Industries Ltd. UK founded to make vacuum bottle products.

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Today the principal items manufactured by Aladdin Industries LLC are glass and stainless steel vacuum bottles; Stanley bottles and mugs; workmens lunch boxes; several insulated beverageware items; flashlight products; and related outdoor hunting accessories.

1918 Aladdin granted patent for 6 burner possibly spelling end of production for other companies using P&A designed mantle lamps.

1938 Aladdin glass shades discontinued thru 1951

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