Aladdin Lamps

Lasts about 1000 hours, recommend 2 per year, for Model 23 & 23A. N230

For Aluminum Lamp. Fits most Aladdinmetalbases11/16 male fine threads. N115N -Nickel Plated

N236-N -Nickel Plated(ForLOX-ON Chimney Only- Older models)

Brushed Stainless Steel Heritage Lamp

Comes w/All New Lamps. Lamp will not work with a broken chimney.Recommend 1 per year. Blowing air down chimney will cause mantle to disentergrate.(Non-Locking Heel-Less chimney requiresGallery Adapteron older lamps). R910-2

(2nd from left), 18 Tall, A2315

HEEL-LESS CHIMNEY(Push down into gallery and locks in place)

The manufacturer is providing brass burners as a replacement.

Includes the White Pleated Cloth Shade

An economical option with the same Aladdin performance. Practical, rustic design perfect for cabins, campsites or trailers.Aluminum cant break.Burns 12 hours/tank, (4th from left),Large Picture,A2310-110W

N236AB -Brass(For Heeless Chimeny Only)

The manufacturer is not currently providing nickel burners.

N236AN -Nickel Plated(For Heeless Chimney Only)

(3rd from left), 24 Tall, A2310

3 1/4H(Fits Models – 12,A,B,C,21,21c,23, & 23A )We recommend 4 per year w/heavy usage. You can run a lamp for years without breaking a mantle, but its much better have extra mantles than not have a lamp. R150

The burner is the heart of the Aladdin oil lamp. It burns 94% air and 6% kerosene to produce a blue flame which heats the mantle.Includes Heel-Less Gallery, Flame Spreader, Wick Raiser & Wick Cleaner.The burner emits 2,000 BTU of heat.

This unit is pushed down into the burner tabs which locks it down.

3 1/4H (Fits Models 12-23, A-C) We recommend 4 per year w/heavy usage. You can run a lamp for years without breaking a mantle, but its much better have extra mantles than not have a lamp. 17552

N236-B-Brass(ForLOX-ON Chimney Only- Older models)

Can be placed on the Geni lamps or Aluminum Shelf Lamp. Sits on the chimney. Comes with tripod built into the shade.S100(Use 14 on Alum. Table Lamp)

Most versatile Aladdin lamp. Use as a shelf lamp, wall lamp (fits in Aladdin wall bracket), or a hanging lamp (fits in most Aladdin hangers – will not fit N117). 12 Caboose Shade can be added at any time. Burns 12 hrs/tank.Large Picture

Fits most metal Aladdins without the pedestal since 1928. 11 3/4D

LOX-ON CHIMNEY(Push down and twist to lock.Only for older models. This unit must be twisted into the burner which locks it down.

Learn how to light, adjust, and extinquish your lamp.

No Contest when comparing to oil lanterns with only 12 candle power

Recommend 1 per 3 years. (All Aladdin Lamps) R111

Fits inside of shade, and mounts under burner allowing easy lighting of the lamp. (Fits Model 7 – 23)

14 White Pleated Cloth Shade(Tripod Frame not included)

(Fuel Tank Cap) Fits most Aladdinglassbases, 1 female coarse threads, N120B -Brass Plated

Soft Inverted Gas Light Mantle 2 (2-Pack)

Place this on the Aluminum Lamps. Too large for the Genies and Shelf Lamp, See Caboose shade for Genie lamp. Note: Tripod Frame also required.

12 White Parchment Shade (Caboose Model)

Light – Aladdin light – is equal to 10 ordinary, flat-wick lamps. Its mantle produces 60 full candlepower – a light that is soft, mellow and of a quality that is welcoming to the human eye. Foremost laboratories of the world have proven that Aladdin light is closest to natural sunlight when compared to artificial electric or gas light. Light from an Aladdin is a pleasure. There is no smoke, no odor, no noise and no pumping up. A match and a minute is all it takes to erase the darkness with the light from an Aladdin.

The Aladdin is constructed on highly scientific principles. Kerosene fuel is changed into vapor gas and the vapor mixed with air in the proportion of 1 to 16 to produce a blue flame. Heat from the blue flame is transformed into light through rare earth elements in the Aladdin incandescent mantle.

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