Aladdin Magical Mantle Lamps

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Aladdin is the best non-electric lamp you can find on the planet. Be prepared. Have your Aladdin ready, when the electricity fails. A match and a moment is all it takes to make your family feel safe.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Aladdin Lamps

Never needs electricity!(Click here to see promotional video)

Aladdin magical mantle light is created from the heat of the Aladdin blue flame burner, which makes the mantle directly above the flame glow (incandesce) with bright white light. Heat efficiently transforms dark rooms, filling them with pleasing light that is in a similar color spectrum to sunlight.

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Aladdin means: Light where you want it When you want it Without the need for electricity. Thats the magic of Aladdin!

The beautiful magical mantle light from an Aladdin is an excitement to behold. The Aladdin is simply a pleasure to operate, too, with no pumping required.  Its completely silent.  And, burns at peak efficiency without the usual smoke or odor associated with common wick lamps.

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Aladdin Lamps are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps available!  Brilliant white light, many times brighter than any other wick lamp.  Simple to use its the only white light emitting lamp that doesnt require pumping!  No batteries needed, either, so its always ready when you need it.  Proven in use since 1908.


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