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Michael Cohen aggressively pitched his relationship to President Trump to prospective clients, reportedly telling them, I have the best relationship with the president on the outside, and you need to hire

New details raise questions about whether Cohens consulting work crossed a line beyond typically venal Washington influence

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson donated $30 million to a GOP-aligned Super PAC after a personal appeal by Paul Ryan – with some

Chris Hayes discusses the days top political news.

Donald Trump campaigned as a populist. But hes governing as the same sort of Republican weve seen so many times

The extremely high eviction rates at rental properties owned by Sean Hannity, according to the new Washington Post

Investigators have reportedly interviewed the inaugural committee chairman and big-money donors tied to Russian

Reports claim that the presidents longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company controlled by a Russian

Why were the enhanced interrogation techniques under the Bush administration so quickly thrown down the memory hole?watch

Chris Hayes takes a look at why Trump allies are suggesting this is just how things work in

As the U.S. and Israeli governments celebrated the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, dozens of Palestinian protesters were killed just 40 miles

Former coal company exec and senate candidate Don Blankenship came in third in his losing bid to win a GOP primary in West Virginia, and he is a sore

On the 1 year anniversary of President Trumps last network news interview we take a look at the softball interviews the president has been doing ever

After the death of 58 Palestinian protesters, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt says Trump is using incitement to shore up his base — consequences be

A source at one company said it hired Cohen after he approached them promising access to the Trump

How White House staffs plan to convince the president to quit hate watching certain networks

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