An Introduction to Ancient Rome

Exploring an Ancient Roman Marketplace

Theleaders of Rome at this time werekings. The last king of Rome wasTarquin.

Inthe early 6th Century B.C., Rome became arepublic. This meant that a group of people, called theSenate, made the laws for the people of Rome. (And the civilization this time had grown quite a bit, including colonies.)

Thecivilization of ancient Rome was at one time the mightiest on the planet. Yet it, too, like any other civilization, began as one small settlement.

Part 7: Construction, Culture, Economics

Romesoon attracted many people, and the city grew larger, both because the large city attracted people in search of adventure and wealth and because Roman warriors captured people from nearby settlements and brought them home to Rome.

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753 B.C., the city of Rome was founded, on the, in what is now central Italy. Some people say that the twinsfought each other for the right to found a capital city and that Romulus, who won the fight by killing his brother, founded Rome. Other people say that the settlers just called it Rome. Whatever the true story is, it is lost to history.

(common people) over laws. The result was the, a set of laws carved into rock so everyone would know what the laws were and to whom they applied.

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