Ancient Aliens Season 14 is yet to be announced by History Channel

love this show. History and ancient facts I never knew about and the theories of our current people. I guess the Big Bang created the light that became matter then aliens found us and decided to improve on us whether for their or our benefit is yet to be seen. **dear aa producers, I really love when you repeat a previous episode with updated information. I Know that you have many resources now contacting you! Thnx Love the updates

The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Power Plants

We as a species are trying to, slowly, break through a wall of ignorance that regressed us.

Agree 100%! Thing is…The shows producers often make large jumps to often exaggerated conclusions. However, the amount of facts they garner and use is pretty fascinating. Most of the crazy factual material (such as ancient sites, ages of said sites or just crazy people from the past) most people either had no idea about or the lies they learned in our history classes are a direct contradiction from what they learned. they either get interested in this shows facts or they make fun of it, then turn on flipping Counting Cars.Amen Richard it does seem like the History Channel is showing a lot of show that are not history related the program director should find some shows that live up to the network name or change the name of the network to the Automotive Network.VERY INTERESTING SHOW. LIKE IT VERY MUCH ß

And, from one website, there is information that there are traces of high-end metals (sorry, as I am not that technical) in the Martian soil that could have resulted from atomic warfare.

Brilliantly filmed, with a marvelous and astonishing documentation job. It contagiates its spirit of enthusiasm, and, of course, left you with the need to know more and more, and also wakes within oneselfan unrestraintable desire to read and learn unstoppjngly. Please, screen more episodes, some of then ould be monographs on figures outstanding in mankind history such as Pythagoras, Tesla, Ramanuyan, and on the universe, what was there before BigBang, and new subdivisions of the quarks, and why it would be an absurdity that the universe were empty of life and therefore making it a Creation planned to house life and for the imtelligent life to rule over it.We love this show and believe. PLEASE renew season 13 of AA.History Channel — Season 13 — Just get it done!My favorite show since it began. I watch the reruns in case I missed something but there is nothing like seeing a new episode.

I would like to think there is a little bit of rock and roll in its ability to lay bare evidence and testimony. Our species, humans, has shown ineptitude on creating acceptable dialogue without jumping to accusations of paranoia and hallucination.

something I find validates something else…People say addiction is bad. Im addicted to AA and I dont care about anything else but watching it over and over and over again, then telling anyone who will listen everything I learned. I wish school was this exciting to me when I was younger cuz I just cant get enuff of AA and it makes me just want to go out and find every last artifact to prove historians who do t believe we were visited and still are being that they are wrong and thats ok we are a forgiving society once you admit your mess up. Yeah so my name is RON and Im an addict of Ancient Aliens ??. So watch it… will make you feeeellllll gooooodddd?I have watched AA a couple times for each episode. They do stretch the facts sometimes but most of it cannot be ignored. Especially the one about the Great Pyramid being a power generator. Many of the sites around the world could not have been constructed by early humans. We dont have equipment to lift those stones even today let alone up steep hillsides. I love how it turns History on its head. Fascinating stuff.

If scientists now believe there are other intelligent life forms out there, well then they would be none other than the ancient aliens.ReplyShare24DouglasNovember 8, 2017Sirs,

those documentaries do tell the same stories and support the modern AA theories…..very

This show must be renewed! Im addicted!!!!

hard to discount what they say when evidence exists in multiple places around the globe

I agree they to make big jumps and bounds but when it really comes down to it history is up for grabs , and even tho I may not believe that we are being hybred and have a great battle going on between different alien battles are going on in space on our behalf I think the fundimentals of the Theory are more believeable at the very least just as , as anything found in the Bible I encourage everyone to have an open mind and I love the idea cause it makes sense but I believe it to be much simpler than the show lets on now , they have to keep going farther and farther I mean you cant make 12 seasons just about ancient people misinterpreting gods for aliens thats a two episode series haha but I still find it entertaining to see the crazy ideas and lil tidbits of facts that could possibly back up the story

The Ultimate Evidence: The Mystery of Puma Punku

I hope the AA producers will have at least one video clip on RH- people.

The AA producers have more researchers to really look into this matter.

The Ultimate Evidence: The Monoliths

Id rather watch anything on Syfy, than Ancient Aliens. Ancient Astronaut theory should be taught in schools so we can sooner quarantine these nut jobs from the rest of society. I believe life exists out there, somewhere, but come on. Keep an open mind…but not so open your brain falls out.

The Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Creation of Man

The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Messages

The Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Lost Ark

your own and study some of the topics…I like to be objective…but am always happy when

If you join this piece of information with another piece of information (I forgot the source) that some Mars people had to flee their planet because of wars, one initial conclusion would be that RH- people came from Mars.

Love this show but is there only 6 episodes in season 13? I hope there are more to come.

Thank you.ReplyShare09SigHellionOctober 21, 2017I really hope they renew!! My family and I all enjoy watching – across the US. My mate is an Archaeologist and takes issue with some of the interpretations, but it sparks lively discussion about what if…because even main stream archaeology is all speculation.ReplyShare011Daniel CuttingSeptember 30, 2017Ancent aliens has something unique I dont see with other documentaries, in chemistry, music, narration, expert consultants.

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Thanks for season 13! Im hoping for additional seasons

when it first came out back in the 60s….have also studied a lot of religious and ancient texts besides the Bible and watched many documentaries over the years on sites or civilizations now discussed on AA and a huge amount of drawings, artifacts or religious beliefs described in

The Ultimate Evidence: Beyond Nazca

Ancient Aliens Season 14 is yet to be announced by History Channel

From what I have read so far, the original RH- people crash landed on earth, as they were fleeing their planet due to wars.

Trying to find answers by investigating the unexplainable and searching beyond our known world boundaries are we there yet?

AA has shown such dialogue can be respectful to religion and personal faith while bringing people together.As I grew up I was taught to believe in god and was very interested in ancient Egypt culture I took a big Egyptian book to school one day and asked several teachers including my mom and dad why this one person was always colored green in the book?? Makes no sense!?!?, theres no such thing as green people! Nobody I knew had an answer until over 20 plus years later when I turned on ancient aliens!! Thank you AA and the History Channel for answering questions I left alone as a kid and opening my mind to what looks and seems to be the real reality of life if god cared so much as my baptist religion taught me as a kid,well where is he?? Look at the world for god sakes! Lol its truly a disastrous mess!!!! Its my belief the AA theory makes more sense than any religion on earth period!!!!I was taught that people are intelligent.. I guess my parents & teachers were wrong…Youre an idiotAnd youre a POS, proving turds should always be flushed before they stink up the room.

The Ultimate Evidence: The Tesla Experiment

If history channel does not renew ancient aliens, I see no reason to ever watch the channel again! But I know someone will pick it up, the truth is out their and we want to know!!Ancient Aliens may not appeal to all, but how many times must we watch American Pickers, [censored] Stars, Counting Cars. Its always the same. Its called the History Channel not the auto channel or listening to junk men. Yes A.A. may be BS but maybe one day

I crave for Ancient Aliens!! I just cant get enough!! Season 13 please!!Me too!!! I pretty much watch Anicent Aliens every day!Ancient Aliens is the best show on tv something happened in the past and we are only now rediscovering science that was invented centuries ago i dont think the history channel would be stupid enough to kill this show and all the advertising possibilities that go with it. Some things just cant be ignored or hidden forever no matter who tries to hide them.

have watched AA since it started and read Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken

and are found in all ancient civilizations…if you are a critic of AA, I urge you to go out on

I always check ahead 2c if AA will air on Friday. I was watching the biblical shows on Good Friday (the day Im used 2 watching AA all day). When I heard that the new season was starting soon, I gave a double fist pump. Woo-hoo.

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