Ancient Aliens The Alien Protocols exist to communicate with aliens

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Ancient Aliens: The Alien Protocols exist to communicate with aliens

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How did aliens get here? One theory thats barely related to this episode ofAncient Aliensis panspermia. Essentially, life came from space. Furthermore, a stratospheric balloon experiment proves there are non-Earth-based microbial entities entering our atmosphere. In other words aliens have conducted directed panspermia, launching their spores to Earth.

suggests the interaction is already happening.

In 1977, the Voyager 1 probe was sent from Cape Canaveral. On board was the golden record. This record tells the story of humanity in terms of an absolute positive. No wars. No famine. In effect, its humanitys Tinder profile. Is this evidence the government believes life exists beyond our solar system? By the same token, theMajestic 12files already suggest a longstanding U.S. government list of protocols for ETs.

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further proved the humanity will fight over who gets to make the first move.

Do you believe the U.S. government, or international bodies, have already established their plans to communicate with aliens? Furthermore, are we already interacting with extraterrestrials? In summary, Ancient Aliens suggests these wheels are already in motion.

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On October 19, 2017, at the Haleakala Observatory in Maui, a mysterious cigar-shaped object traveling at high speed was detected with a massive telescope and technology that takes a astrophysics Ph.D. to figure out. The object had a unique hyperbolic trajectory like none other, seemingly moving too fast for gravity to force the typical circular or elliptical orbit. It was determined that, for the first time ever, an asteroid entered our solar system from a different star system. It was named Oumuamua, which is Hawaiian for scout.

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The good folks at SETI were very interested in Oumuamua, and have reignited the conversation about how humans should communicate with aliens when we are contacted. Furthermore, the International Academy of Aeronautics, an informal collection of people who deliberated in 1989 on a response to alien visitation, published theDeclaration of Principles Concerning the Conduct of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

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Weve already started Alien Protocols.

Photo Credit: Ancient Aliens/History Channel Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press

Perhaps the best option is to just have a brilliant drunk talk to the first aliens? Indeed, it worked out forStar Trekdespite thenumerous otheralien interactions.

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Since the aforementioned document is not legally binding, which government or scientific community should communicate with aliens?Ancient Alienssuggests the decision and plans have already been made, and they exist deep in the bowels of government obstruction and obfuscation.

displayed why aliens cant simply integrate into our societies.

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What if aliens visit Earth? Indeed, what if they have already visited?Ancient Aliensexplores this concept and links multiple data sources to the conclusion.

So if aliens have been here, and we want to communicate with them again, how should we do so? The Brookings Report suggests releasing information slowly to culturally acclimate population, and avoid widespread paranoia like when Orson Welles read theWar of the Worldson radio.

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Some leaders in the field like Avi Loeb, theoretical physicist and Professor of Science at Harvard University have suggested the ideal shape/environment for an extraterrestrial vessel would be an elongated cylinder not unlike Oumuamua. The classification (i.e. asteroid or comet) of the object, however, has since beendebated. Of course, many of theAncient Alienscrew suggest a third alternative:

In December 2017, the New York Times dropped a bombshell about a black budget Pentagon program calledAATIP, created entirely to determine if aliens were a threat. Based on AATIP, some believe interaction needs to focus on one of two options. First, how can humans fight aliens? Id suggest flying a jet into the bottom of the mothership, or perhaps uploading a virus to it, but the experts onAncient Alienssuggest protocols would require spacesuits like the one used inIron Man. Conversely, peaceful options should be explored. Recent statements by Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama suggest this welcoming approach. It is with this olive branch, however, thatAncient Aliensgets goes a bit astray with content about major religions messiah prophecies.

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Additionally,Ancient Aliensdiscusses multiple possibilities for future contact. Theoretically, how should humanity interact with aliens? As space exploration continues, this is a subject humanity will have to discuss.

If youre a frequent watcher ofAncient Aliens, you know the answer to visitation is the same as the age old Does a bear defecate in the woods-question. A discovery less than a year ago has propagated this belief.

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When aliens encounter our planet, Ancient Aliens suggests there are Alien Protocols that various government entities use to communicate with the extraterrestrials.

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How do government entities determine what we do when aliens visit? There is nothing documented, but many ancient alien theorists believe the truth is out there. What do we know from movies about aliens?

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proved its not a good idea to have huge parties welcoming aliens.

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Ancient Aliens: The U.S. government UFO conspiracy is undeniable

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