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Check out this National Observer article about BC Timber Sales-approved logging in the Nahmint Valley near Port Alberni, with quotes from AFAs Andrea Inness and the BC Green Partys Adam Olsen.

Ancient Forest Alliance, May 29, 2018

NDP under fire for allowing old growth logging near Port Alberni

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VICTORIA, Unceded Lekwungen Territories After visiting and documenting Schmidt Creek, the next valley slated for logging by government agency B.C. Timber Sales (BCTS), environmental organizations and Indigenous leaders are ramping up the call for the agency to discontinue logging permits in remaining endangered old-growth rainforests. The documentation of new BCTS logging roads in Schmidt Creek follows the recent discovery by the Ancient Forest Alliance of BCTS logging of endangered rainforest in the Nahmint Valley, near Port Alberni, including near record-sized ancient giants, wider than the biggest Douglas-fir in Cathedral Grove.

WATCH: Theres growing outrage after one of Canadas biggest old growth trees was cut down near Port Alberni.

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CHEK News- Tess van Straaten, May 28, 2018

The Crown agency (BCTS) and the B.C. government have been roundly criticized in recent weeks by conservationists and local First Nations for continuing to allow logging of ancient fir and cedar in the Nahmint Valley.

Check out this article from Radio Canada International highlighting the contentious logging of pristine old-growth forests, including the 9th largest Douglas fir tree in Canada, in the Nahmint Valley near Port Alberni. Blame is being directed at the BC NDP, since its own logging agency, BC Timber Sales, is responsible for planning and auctioning off the cutblocks.

Blame for felled Nahmint giant placed on NDP

NDP blamed for failing to save Vancouver Island old-growth giants from logging

WATCH more CHEK News coverage about the growing outrage in BC after one of Canadas widest old-growth Douglas-fir trees was cut down in the Nahmint Valley near Port Alberni.

People are furious about the destruction of these old growth giants. And you wont believe whos doing it.

Old-growth logging in central Vancouver Island draws rebuke

Check out this CBC News article about the logging of ancient forests and near-record-sized trees in the Nahmint Valley, with quotes from Brenda Sayers of theHupacasath First Nation.

Radio Canada International- Marc Montgomery, June 6, 2018

The piece features interviews from BC Green Party MLA and forest critic Adam Olsen, the AFAs TJ Watt, and Forest Minister Doug Donaldson.

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Old growth hot spot threatened by new logging, says group

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Environmentalists and Indigenous leaders call for a halt to BCTS old-growth permits

Ancient Forest Alliance says huge cedars, firs and spruce trees need to be protected

National Observer- Tracy Sherlock, May 28, 2018

Check out our media release about the cutting of Canadas ninth-widest Douglas-fir tree in the Nahmint Valley near Port Alberni, despite BC Timber Sales the BC governments logging agency which auctioned off the cutblock having a policy which is meant to protect exceptionally large trees.

Protect the endangered old-growth forests of British Columbia and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province

Check out this article in the Alberni Valley News about logging in the Nahmint Valley near Port Alberni. 300 hectares of prime old-growth forest, including near record-breaking-sized trees, are currently being logged throughout the valley, despite BC Timber Sales (the BC governments logging agency which auctioned off the cutblocks) having a policy in place meant to protect exceptionally large trees.

Alberni Valley News- Mike Youds, May 29, 2018

The AFA is now redoubling its efforts to pressure the BC government to direct their logging agency to stop issuing old-growth cutblocks in BC, to implement a Big Tree Protection Order to protect BCs biggest trees and grandest groves, and most importantly, to develop comprehensive, science-based legislation to protect endangered old-growth forest ecosystems across the province while ensuring a sustainable, value-added, second-growth forest industry.

Environmentalists accuse B.C. government of fudging the numbers to log some of the worlds biggest trees

Ancient Forest Alliance , May 30, 2018

Sierra Club BC, Wilderness Committee, Ancient Forest Alliance Press Release, June 13, 2018

Canadas National Observer- Tracy Sherlock , June 12, 2018

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Check out this article which explains why statistics released by the BC NDP about the protected status of old-growth forests on BCs coast are misleading and how this is impacts efforts to protect the last of BCs coastal giants.

MEDIA RELEASE: Canadas Ninth-Widest Douglas-fir Cut Down in Old-Growth Forest Auctioned Off by BC Governments Logging Agency

A future in which BCs rare and beautiful old-growth forests remain intact, but with jobs to spare in its economy is a future worth fighting for. This future must include a flourishing second-growth forestry industry and a sustainable transition for First Nations. The B.C. government promises progress by the fall. Lets hope that includes a move to make it a crime to cut down these majestic, centuries-old trees.

Since the AFA uncovered the intense old-growth logging currently underway in the valley, which is targeting the grandest and highest-productivity monumental groves, the issue has generated widespread media coverage and viral social media attention among millions of people.

B.C. Timber Sales is reviewing its best management practices for legacy trees with the intent of strengthening a policy brought into question by old-growth logging near Port Alberni.

BC Government Targets Another Old-Growth Rainforest Forest For Clearcut Logging

The fall of giants: irreplaceable trees logged

B.C. legacy tree policy under review after ancient fir logged

is a British Columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of BC and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province. It was founded in January of 2010 and is run by BC environmental activists Ken Wu, TJ Watt, Joan Varley, and Hannah Carpendale.more …

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