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A highly zoomable and detailed map of the Roman Empire and the Classical World, created by the Pelagios project. It covers the entire Mediterranean, Britain, Mesopotamia, and parts of Persia. Only locations that existed in Classical Antiquity are shown and there is no political overlay.

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This map shows a selection of Palaeolithic sites across a very wide time span all across the globe which are connected in one way or another with the genus of Homo.

This map of the modern world shows the locations and addresses of various archaeological museums and sites around the world which are relevant to ancient history.

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This interactive political map by Ancient History Encyclopedia offers a large-scale overview of the ancient world across all time periods. Choose a date and see what the world looked like. It focuses on the Mediterranean, but also covers other parts of the world.

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This map shows ancient sites and museums from the Greco-Roman world in high detail, down to street level. The map covers the Mediterranean and most of Europe. It is created and maintained by the Vici Project.

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