Ancient Roman Furniture Decor

Roman Jar with Dancing Scene (Large)

Roman Emperor Bas-relief Set in pair

OurTerra Sigillatawill inspire the most picky tableware collector. Fruit of long years of investigation combined with stoic trial and error, this ancient technique of Roman pottery has been perfected once again, only available at The Ancient Home.

The Ancient Home brings you back the glory of an empire creating a collection worthy of collectors and enthusiasts of ancient Roman decor and artifacts.

OurRoman mosaics reproductionswill provide exclusive textures to your floors and walls as fantastic ancient Roman decor.

Giambologna Mercury Figurine (Green Bronze)

Augustus Caesar Bust as Centurion of Primaporta Sculpture (Small)

Roman Foot Marble Statuette (Iron Finish)

Roman Cup with Dancing Scene (Black)

Oil Lamp of Oceanus with Three Nozzles

Canova Lions – Statues in Pair (Small)

Get inspired by our selection of pictures ofRoman villason Pinterest.

Watch above our video on how to light a Roman oil lamp!

Last but not least, ancient roman home decor likeamphorae aged under the seatapestrystatuary, and amazingfrescoescombined with our Roman style furniture and artifacts for sale will definitely transform your rooms into inspiring fantasy interiors.

OurRoman Forge furnituremarble tablesand other Roman furniture for sale is risen from the ranks of reproductions up to fine art inspired by museum pieces and recreation of Roman architecture.

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