Ancient Rome Images and Pictures

Christian Catacombs of Rome- dozens of pictures, lots of good scholarly info, esp. on the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus

All Roads Lead to Rome- a fun little collection of this phrase in lots of languages

Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors- images compiled by Justin Paola, University of Arizona

Basilica of Aemilia, of Julia, of Constantine

St. Peters Basilica- very extensive and detailed new website with plenty of photos, floorplans, documents, etc., not just on the Basilica itself, but also on St. Peters Square and the rest of Vatican City.

Roman Colisseum (Flavian Amphitheater)

Two Inscriptions in Latin and English Translation

Tiber Island, incl. Church of San Bartolomeo and evidence of ancient Asclepius shrine

evidence of the ancient Asclepius shrine on the Tiber Island, Rome

Tiber River, Tiber Island and environs

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Plans of the Capitoline and Palatine Hills

Maps of Ancient Rome, and Rome ca. 1900

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Daily Life in Ancient Rome- eclectic information on Roman architecture, politics, food, wine, etc.

To download, copy or use my photos for any commercial purposes, please e-mail me for explicit permission.

Virtual Roma- dedicated to the citys LESS FAMOUS sites, monuments, legends and cultural aspects; by Andrea Pollett

The Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome (1904):

close-ups of the Friezes, Medallions, and Statues

Vedute di Roma- large collection of images of the city of Rome (photographs and engravings), by Kalervo Koskimies

ROMARCH- discussion group and searchable website focusing on Roman Art and Archaeology; now hosted at University of Michigan

Palatine Hill and Other Sites Around Rome

Most of the photos on the above pages were taken in March 1994 during a two-week study tour of Rome and Southern Italy.

Specific Locations and Museums in Rome:

See also my photos of theChurches of Rome

Unless otherwise noted, all text and images are copyright © 1994–2012 by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

Temples of Saturn, of Vespasian, of Julius Caesar, etc.

Rome Project- large collections of resources divided into several categories, by the Dalton School

Statues and Temples of Asclepius, the Healing God

– maps of ancient Rome; originally published 1893-1901

Descriptions and dates of all ten ancient bridges

Thanks to the Department of Religious Studies at Yale University for a grant that covered many of our travel expenses.

several statues from the Vatican Museum and from the Naples Archaeological Museum

Supersites, with lots of Hyperlinks:

Model of Pompeii, Naples Archaeological Museum

Significant Previous Sites no longer online:

Encyclopdia Romana- large, informative, attractive site with several splendid maps of ancient Rome; by James Grout

and to several of my student assistants at LMU for help in maintaining this website.

Images and Information about Ancient Rome in General:

Plans of the Roman Forum and Imperial Fora

Monuments of Rome- subpages for all the major monuments/museums in Rome (but some bad links); by the Roma 2000 staff

Ancient World Web – by Julia Hayden (

Roman Forum: Through the Ages – detailed history, explanations, definitions, images, maps, plans, etc.; by Mike Zimmerman, Trinity College

general overviews of the East and West Faades

Daily Life in Classical Antiquity- very fine collection of Class Notes with many links and large bibliographies for Ancient Greece and Rome; by John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

Topograhpical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, by Samual Ball Platner (London: Oxford University Press, 1929)

Pompeii: esp. the House of the Surgeon

International Catacomb Society- pictures, maps, glossary, bibliography, etc., with special focus on the Jewish catacombs

Arch of Septimius Severus; Arch of Titus

Tiber Bridges, incl. Pons Fabricius (w/ Quattro Capi), Pons Cestius, Pons Aemilius, and Pons Mulvius

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome- large number of photos of monuments, ruins, cities, etc.; by Leo Curran

The Rome Map- Panoramic images of sights and attractions in Rome (part of Panoramic Earth; both modern sites and ancient ruins)

Curia, Rostra, Lapis Niger, Column of Phocas, etc.

Thanks also to Bill Thayer (see hisLacus Curtius) for several corrections and helpful comments,

History Link 101s Ancient Rome- links for Roman Art, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, etc.; by Eric Rymer

Thanks to my colleague, Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, for contributing some additional photos, as noted in each case.

Roma Antiqua- nice site with virtual tour, but only in German

– including a virtual tour of Ancient Rome, pictures of the Roman Forum, and other helpful resources; by David Camden

Roma Sotterranea / Subterranean Rome- high-tech site with fascinating material, by Marco Placidi; includes a good MAP of modern Rome

– Bill Thayers main page on Ancient Rome, with lots of indices and subcategories

Imperial Fora- official website of municipally sponsored excavations of the Forums in Rome, includes a nice map and livecam!

various Asclepius statues and shrines in the Borghese Gardens, Rome

See also my photographicImpressions of Italy

over 240 photographs by Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D.

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