Ancient Rome Lesson for Kids Facts Geography

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Ch 1. History of the Ancient Near East…

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Ch 11. Greek Myths for Elementary…

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Ancient Roman House Facts Lesson for Kids

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Ancient Rome Lesson for Kids: Facts & Geography

Ch 4. Ancient Greece for Elementary…

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Roman Republic Lesson for Kids: Facts & Timeline

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Ancient Rome Lesson for Kids: Facts & Geography

. A toga looked like a big piece of fabric like a sheet which was draped across the body. Most togas were white, while royalty would sometimes wear purple togas. Wearing a purple toga as a non-royal person was punishable by death. Yikes!

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Causation of War at the State Level

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Ancient Roman Mosaic Lesson for Kids: Facts & History

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Ancient China for Elementary School

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Famous Ancient Romans Lesson for Kids

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Ancient Roman Army & Soldiers Lesson for Kids

One group of people that was unique to Ancient Rome were thegladiators. While there have been several TV shows and movies that have featured gladiators, they dont tell the whole story. Gladiators were typically slaves or prisoners that were trained to be professional fighters. People would travel a long way to watch the gladiators fight in arenas such as the Colosseum. Gladiators typically did not live past their mid-20s, and many of them died from fighting one another – or even fighting animals!

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There was a very diverse population in Rome because people immigrated there from different parts of the world. While there were around one million people living in the main city of Ancient Rome, most of the people lived in farms outside of town.

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The Pantheon is another Ancient Roman landmark that can be visited today. It served as a temple, or a place where people could practice their religion. The Pantheon was unique because it was a temple dedicated to the worship of all of the Roman gods instead of just one.

History of the Ancient Near East for Kids

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Ancient Greece for Elementary School

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Ancient Roman Weapons & Armor Lesson for Kids

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Ch 7. Ancient Egypt for Elementary…

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Roman Empire Lesson for Kids: Timeline & Facts

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Ch 5. Aztec Civilization for Elementary…

Ancient Rome Lesson for Kids: Facts & Geography

Ch 2. The Ancient World for Elementary…

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Can you imagine have to pay a fee for going to the bathroom? Ancient Rome had what was called a urine tax that people had to pay for using public restrooms. The money was used to pay workers and for materials needed to recycle the urine into different chemicals. Ew!

There are other geographical features of Ancient Rome that gave them an edge compared to other places, including the protection that it received from its two neighboring mountain ranges: the Apennines and the Alps. Another geographical advantage that Ancient Rome had was that it was near a volcano, so the soil was great for growing crops. The marshes, or swampy land, around Ancient Rome made it difficult for intruders to enter.

Ancient Rome fashion was all about comfort. While the poorer people would wear tunics, many of the wealthier citizens would wear

Ancient Rome Lesson for Kids: Government & Laws

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Aztec Civilization for Elementary School

Ancient Egypt for Elementary School

Ancient Rome was located across Europe, as well as parts of the Middle East and Africa. Ancient Rome had many impressive buildings, including theColosseum, which was an amphitheater. There were many different groups of people, including thegladiatorswho would fight to their death for sport, and royal people who would wear purpletogas.

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Circus Maximus Lesson for Kids: Facts & History

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Ch 6. Ancient China for Elementary…

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If you ever get the chance to go to Rome, you will be amazed at its architecture. While there are many modern buildings that reflect the architecture of today, those buildings will literally be right next to ancient buildings or ruins. One of the most famous Ancient Roman ruins is theColosseum. It was a huge amphitheater where many sporting events would take place. This wasnt like going to a baseball game today. Ancient Roman sporting events were typically fights that were violent – and even deadly.

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Ch 3. Ancient Rome for Elementary School

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Today, Rome is the capital of Italy. Hundreds of years ago, Ancient Rome was much larger than that. In fact, when Ancient Rome was at its largest, it spanned all of Europe, as well as parts of Africa and the Middle East. Ancient Rome was considered to be the leader of the world for hundreds of years.

Ancient Rome Lesson for Kids: Government & Laws

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Ancient Roman Clothes & Jewelry Lesson for Kids

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Imagine that you are living in Ancient Rome. What do you think it would look like? What would the people be like? What would you wear? Come and get all of these questions answered, plus more, in this lesson.

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Ch 10. Ancient Astronomy for Elementary…

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