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Ancient Bio-Mask from Alien vs. Predator

Ancient Predators have also been seen with graydreadlocksas opposed to the jet black ones seen on younger Yautja and more hair on their faces. This is likely a result of the old age of Ancient Predators.

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AncientBio-Masksare very different than that of most Predators. This would most likely be because of their long lived lives that would give them time to customize and enhance their masks.

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An Ancients dreadlocks are completely gray from its old age, while young Yautja dreadlocks are jet black. An Ancient also has more hair on its face in contrast to the youngYautja.

AnAncientis aYautjathat is close to 1,000 years old and has survived manyHuntsand battles, usually considered a wise leader of aclan.

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An Ancient differs from anElderin not only age, but status. Though too old to participate in Hunts or battles, Ancients are referred to for counsel and wisdom gathered from their many years of life.

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