Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an extremely rare marble head depicting the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

A pair of gay male swans are off to an animal reserve after attacking several people at an Austrian lake. The swans were apparently protecting their nest which housed a colorful plastic cup as opposed to an egg.

Archaeologists have discovered the sprawling, 3,300-year-old tomb of an army general named Iwrhya at the ancient Egyptian site of Sa电话ara.

The volcanic crater usually filled with lava, has been drained.

Raw video Aransas Pass Police Department officers control 8-foot reptile that tried to sneak out of a pond and wander through parking lot.

Letters written by Albert Einstein that detail his escape from the Nazis are being auctioned off.

If the F.B.I.s scientists could extract DNA from the 4,000-year-old mummy, they would add a powerful tool to their forensics arsenal and also unlock a new way of deciphering Egypt…

Archaeologists have uncovered six cases of cancer while studying the bodies of ancient Egyptians who were buried long ago in the Dakhleh Oasis. The finds include a toddler with …

Egyptian archaeologists uncover a rare coin in an ancient red brick building found in Egypt. The coin depicts the 3rd century BC ruler, King Ptolemy III.

In Egypt, researchers find an incredible marble head of a Roman emperor and a shrine to the god Osiris dating back to the late 25th dynasty.

An extremely rare document signed by Amelia Earhart that provides details of her doomed aircraft has surfaced after half a century hidden in an attic. The document and the accompanying archive is valued at 75,000.

More than 3,000 years ago in the Nile River Valley, a body was carefully prepared for ceremonial burial. It was wrapped in a shroud and placed in a tomb, surrounded by important …

Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed a 2,200-year-old gold coin depicting the ancient King Ptolemy III, an ancestor of the famed Cleopatra.

Archaeologists have harnessed sophisticated radar scanning technology to disprove the contentious theory that secret rooms are hidden inside King Tutankhamuns burial chamber.

The FBI has cracked its oldest case after successfully extracting DNA from a 4,000-year-old mummys head, answering a centuries-old question to whom exactly it belonged.

The nine-year-old was climbing out of the pool when she was bitten on the hand by what turned out to be a deadly copperhead.

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