Antiques Torchiere Floor Lamp

This stunning floor lamp offers a brushed steel finish and the frosted plastic on the shade in beautiful, white color. It not only is durable but also allows the perfect amount of light to your interior, making it look warmer and more welcoming.

Trying to find the classic floor lamp for living room or bedroom? This one has got the antique finish, torchiere shape, embossed glass shade, and adjustable height. And its suitable with many styles.

The beautiful antique styling of this torchiere floor lamp makes the decor magical and unique. Solid steel base in combination with glittering lampshade admires with details and decorative elements.

Antique floor lamp inspired of classic torchiere. It has base made of marble and decorated of onyx and brass, carved kickstand. Top is inspired of old-fashioned candelabra, but there isnt any candles – they are replaced by modern light bulbs.

Light your room with style, vintage style to be precise. Torchiere floor lamp with unique glass shade, directing the light upwards, is an embellishment of any room, not excluding contemporary themed spaces.

Why do not feel like a one of aristocracy family? This floor torchiere lamp gives this sensation. Is made of warm amber glass, It combines tradition and elegance. It also has a projector brightening the entire room. Black elements emphasize antique Italian style.

Timeless Elegance Torchiere Floor Lamp

Floor lamp with antique finish. It is mounted on metal base and fitted with 4 lights. Elegant addition to all kinds of interiors according to taste. Great as additional source of light.

Very tall, single bulb floor lamp with torchiere shaped alabaster glass shade in warm honey coloring, affixed on top of a straight pole. The lamp stands firmly on the ground thanks to thick, round base.

An exquisite pair of torchiere floor lamps in shape of two Nubian Blackamoors that stand on espresso-finished cubic pedestals. Each lamp is characterized by a handmade and hand-painted design, with attention to the smallest details.

A pair of graceful torchiere floor lamps that presents a lovely mix of modern and antique appearance. Each lamp stands on a wood square base thats attached to the slender wood pole, and topped with a stylish metal goblet.

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Coming from the 1920s, this fabulous torchiere floor lamp embodies the art deco spirit. Its iron base will look good in all rustic or industrial interiors. A good gift proposition for the antique fans.


This torchiere floor lamp uses an embossed iridescent glass shade that rests on a nifty crafted column bathed in earth tones, along with ornate spacers & fluted column details. Accommodates a 100/200/300 Watt mogul light bulb.

Elegant antique electric floor lamps having tall round flared stems (on round bases) finished in brown and accented with narrow silvery bands. Deep plate-like lampshades feature mirror finished outer surfaces.

This torchiere lamp constitutes a great example of the art deco style. Made from cast bronze it depicts a pair of dancers, captured in one of the most spectacular figures, holding a lighting fixture.

The candelabra torchiere floor lamp, which has got the marble base, cloth lamp shade and white glass bowl shade. Its a classic addition for bedroom, drawing room and family zone.

Thats an antique representant of Rembrandt torchiere floor lamp. It was created of milk glass with milk color of a metal shaft and a round base with bronze, stylish and finished with gold decorative elements. The lampshade comes with 2 large metal candles.

The beautiful antique torch-like floor lamp is a perfect way to decorate the interior. The whole appeal to fans of the vintage style, a subtle shade of glass adds a lightness and an attractive design.

FInished with the characteristic white milk glass, this floor lamp torchiere diffuser table lamp would be a perfect proposition for all, who like retro furniture. It will add a romantic vibe to any kind of space.

A wonderful torchiere floor lamp that sports the antique gold finish and the stunning, vintage look to it. It offers a beautifully detailed base and the warm tone of the shade in the practical shape.

Emanating with vintage charm and slender silhouette, this torchiere floor lamp is as beautiful as stable. It has a long metal rod attached to the round marble base for stability, holding a beautiful candelabra. The shade is not included.

This beautiful floor lamp with the most exquisite shade brings just the perfect light to your room, providing a stunning option to accentuate your decor and compliment any traditional setting, while the durable structure is sure to last for years.

A torchiere floor lamp is a perfect lighting option for living-rooms. It directs the light upwards and as it gets reflected by the ceiling, the room is better lit. Check the designs below and choose the perfect floor lamp for your home.

Happiness comes also in pairs – for example in the form of two elegant antique torchiere floor lamps with long legs made of chromed metal, a round base, and a brown shade. Upside down, art-deco shades are honey-colored.

This vintage art deco candelabra torchiere floor lamp will be a perfect accent to your retro decors. Its fibreglass shade summarizes nicely its antique appeal. Antique brass base stands for quality and solidness.

This gorgeous torchiere floor lamp is an elegant and unconventional design element for your interior. Beautifully finished, it has refined details that delight. Soft light adds a salon or bedroom a romantic atmosphere.

Do you want to feel like in a medieval castle, only in your own living room? Heres the solution – a medieval antique torchiere floor lamp with brass interesting and dark brown base extending to the top of 2iron rods with the motif of crosses in the middle.

Bring some vintage illumination to your living room, thanks to this torchiere floor lamp with two-tiered shade. Boasting of antique elegance, the lamp has a white candelabra pole attached to the round onyx base for proper stability.

Opt for this antique styled torch lamp for your floor that sports just the most fitting and ideal art nouveau design and the golden finish of the base that compliments perfectly with the warm tone of the shade and its appealing shape.

It is a very nice floor lamp. Its backdrop of climbing up the entire height of the bears. With these misiom is a very original and very interesting solution. The lamp is unusual and very unusual. Check it out.

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