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Lighting the Ancient Worldis recommended for any who wish to know more about the fascinating story of pottery lamps (see panel on left).

It is very early days for this site but hopefully, with your support, the content will steadily grow. Comments, suggestions, inspiration and even short articles are all welcome.

A comprehensive survey of lamps from prehistory to the dawn of the Middle Ages. It follows the themes of development, manufacture, art and uses showing how primitive hand-made bowls grew to become the fuel efficient, artistic creations of the Roman Empire.

152 pages including 11 colour plates

This site concerns ancient lighting appliances in general but pottery oil lamps in particular.

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It is hoped it may provide a useful point of reference for those interested in lamps.

Various means of carrying a flame to sustain light were employed throughout the course of antiquity. Yet, for many within the Mediterranean world the lamp, fuelled by oil, was the main source of illumination.


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