Bedroom Pendant Lights 40 Unique Lighting Fixtures That Add Ambience

Decorative Blown Glass Bedroom Pendant:Present your bulb in an innovative fashion with a

makes bedroom lighting cylindrical. Hang a pair on either side of the bed for a swanky alternative to abedside table lamp.

Stylish Matte Finish Aluminium Pendant:Painted by hand, each of the five hues of the

Metal Orb Light Fixture:The monochrome bedroom finds a perfect fit in these

Modern Bedroom Pendant:Made from flattenable silicone rubber? We didnt think so, either. The sturdiness of the

Minimalist Scandinavian-Style Bedroom Pendant:Looking for something a bit more original? Our

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Decorative Centerpiece Pendant:Create the perfect composition for lighting, with the

Black Designer Bedroom Lighting:Available with gold or copper on the inside, the

Designer Suspension Pendant Light:Interested in owning the

. Dangle it beside a boldly-coloured wall, for a light that surprises from the ceiling or your bedside table.

Black Cylindrical Bedroom Pendant:The satin nickel finish of the

beside the bed. Its light metal form looks heavy but acts light, as suspension cords draw attention to its unusual hanging fixture.

Cone-Shaped Bedroom Pendant:Acid-etched opal glass creates light in the

was created in Los Angeles from cast concrete and a free mind.

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Swirl-Shaped Pendant:ivind Slaatto referenced the shell of a snail when designing the

is a handmade light new each time its made. Affix its unique form to your bedroom for an earthy warm glow.

Hanging Lightbulb Pendant:Collect the

Modern Drum Pendant For Bedroom:Beat a lighter drum in your bedroom, with this wood and fabric creation. A place above the bed in a white-walled room would do the trick.

is a structural twist on the classic Beat. Pair it with strong, solid shapes for a bedroom that values form and function.

in nine different shades, to suit your bedrooms colour scheme. Its simple glass bulb and silicone socket add fresh thinking to boring blacks and whites.

Dome-Shaped Bedroom Pendant:For a light large enough to mirror your bedside table, the

a contemporary light made with metal. Hang it low beside a futon-style bed for maximum style impact.

Inexpensive Stylish Bedroom Pendant:IKEA does it again with the

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50 Uniquely Cool Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space

White Decorative Bedroom Pendant:Let all 17 inches of the

50 Uniquely Modern Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decorative Pieces

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a painted light with an unusual shape. Pair it with pastels for a soft design to wake up to in the morning.

work best as a trio in this stylish set by Jeremy Pyles. Made from glass, their forms elegantly hang above a range of bedroom shelving options.

acts as a seaside lantern for those cold, windy nights travelling to the beach. Inject somenautical home decorinto your bedroom with this die-cast creation, which creates seedy bubbles when lit through its specially-developed glass.

Glossy Bedroom Pendants:The late, great Verner Panton designedchairsfor Kubricks 2001 Space Odyssey and now lights for your home. The

diffuses light through a glass tube on a metallic fuse, introducingsteampunk home decorto your bedroom.

Concrete Bedroom Pendant Light:The industrial bedroom cant go past a hanging concrete pendant. Overturn traditional fixtures with a

uses light to draw people closer together. Choose from black, white or walnut slats to light up your bedside table.

was one of his later creations and, in 12 bold and beautiful shades, is easy to pair with any art deco bedroom.

is an easy way to introduceindustrial style lightingto your bedroom. Affix them to your ceiling to decorate a simple bulb with a Victorian fixture.

is fitting. String its painted white steel off a high ceiling for a simple fixture with a grand presence.

creates agardenon your ceiling with silk paper. See the originalhere.

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is built to impress. Its rounded form adds glitz without bling, and works well in sets of three.

Steampunk-Style Vertical Pendant:After a light that doesnt look like a light? The

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Moon-Shaped Pendant Light:Earthy tones peek out of the innovative cardboard frame of this

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Black Pipe-Shaped Bedroom Pendant:Available in black andyellowor white and lilac, this

Modern Globe Pendant Light:Blown glass hangs off your choice of copper or steel in this

light. Perfect for above the bed or even thediningtable, it produces light patterns to excite the eye.

Bell-Shaped Pendant Light:Call all to bed with the

White walls, a black and white artwork and classic bedding provide the perfect canvas for this orb.

Light Pattern-Producing Decorative Pendant:Two metal hemispheres clamp together to form the

Big Spherical Decorative Pendant:A stainless steel dandelion pendant? Anything is possible with the

Normann Copenhagen Bell Pendant Lamp

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works well with traditional, white-walled interiors.

Stylish White Bedroom Light:IKEA saves the day again with the

Slim Minimalist Bedroom Pendant:Aluminium and brass come together in this

50 Beautiful Globe Pendant Lights: From Metal To Glass To Paper

Decorative Wooden Pendant For Bedroom:Designed by Seppo Koho, the

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Go slow under its plastic contours when the time for sleep arises.

Copper Globe Pendant:Copper on the outside and chrome on the inside, the

50 Uniquely Modern Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decorative Pieces

comes as a shock of ingenuity for the contemporary bedroom.

a coloured-outer fixture that beams light directly. Make the light bulb opal for a softer glow at night time.

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bathed in white. Hung high or low from your ceiling, it both emits solid light and scatters it around the room.

Pharos Pendant, Calla Pendant and Oculo Pendant

hanging from your ceiling. Available in black and fawn, its blown glass outer showcases the electrical wonders of light production.

Modern Organic Shaped Pendant:Aluminium, brass and metal form the

Concrete Oak Bedroom Pendant Lamp:Go Dutch with a bedroom lamp half in concrete, half in wood. Its simple colourings works with loudly-hued bedrooms or subtle design finishes.

for yourself? Let its metal outer and copper inner glow in your home, at a cheaper price than theoriginal.

Sculptural Bedroom Pendant:Just cant get enough of florals? This

Wooden Orb Pendants:Sculpted wood finds its place in an array of baubles with lights underneath. Match them to your bedside table or headboard, for a funky way to light a room.

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Each petal of its frame is able to be twisted and turned to your satisfaction.

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Modern White Bedroom Pendant:Adjust light to shine wherever you want it, with the

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Its long suspension cord dangles in a myriad of directions, letting it highlight a particular piece youre proud of, or the alarm clock when its time to wake.

Bedroom Pendant Lights: 40 Unique Lighting Fixtures That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space

drape above your bed for a peaceful nights sleep. Paired with light wooden walls and plenty of sun, itll float in a whimsical interior.

are as crafted as they look. Hang their softer selves beside your bedroom table for the perfect light to relax to.

Conical-Style Pendant Light:After a more fluted style? Available in several colours, the

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can offer minimalism with a structural edge.

Scandinavian-Style Pendant:Fancy a classic lampshade in your bedroom? The simplicity of the

is a perfect remedy for the minimalist bedroom. Easily hidden as it snakes up the wall, its form emits light without too much design noise.

You have the bed, the duvet, the beautiful bed frame. Youve bought a woolen rug, potted plants and small, intricate accessories. Whats missing in your bedroom? A pendant light. An easy way to add a hint of the dramatic, pendant lights are no longer just for the kitchen or dining room. Get industrial in feel with a pair of concrete domes either side of the bed. Dangle a cluster of copper orbs over your bedside table, adding elegance and a touch of the unique to the room you wake up in. Wake up next to our forty finest examples of bedroom pendant lighting.

a sophisticated fixture for your sleeping space. Dangle its fine form beside your bed for the final touch to an elegant bedroom.

Create a space for it in your natural-toned bedroom with hints of beige, white and wood.

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