Biblical Replica Clay Oil Lamps

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The clay lamps are made in the same way and fashion as they were 2000-3000 years ago. Osmun Gifts carries lamps from both Old and New Testament times. The lamps function today as they did then. Just put a small amount of olive oil in the lamp and light the wick. Soon you will have the warm welcoming light that those who lived thousands of years ago did. These lamps are actual size.

The clay lamps shown here are replicas of actual lamps used in ancient times in the Holy Land. These lamps range from those that would have used by King David in the temple, to the Herodian lamps used at the time of Mary and Joseph to those of early Christians. There are even some that were in use during the Crusades. They lamps are actual size of the originals and fit into the palm of your hand.

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