Blue Moon 2018 When is next full moon? When is next blue moon? Full lunar calendar HERE

Jupiter in the sky TONIGHT: How to see Jupiter closest to Earth in TWO YEARS

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The first full moon of the year named after wolves is the second of a series of three Supermoons – dubbed the Supermoon trilogy.

This year, the Pink Moon will rise at 1.37pm on March 31.

March 2018: WORM MOON and PINK MOON

The Worm Moon is also known as Sap Moon, Crow Moon and Lenten Moon.

Blue Moon 2018: When is next full moon? When is next blue moon? Full lunar calendar HERE

Blood Moon 2018: How to see the Super Blue Blood Moon in the sky?

This moon was named by Native Americans afterthe largenumber of Sturgeon fish in the lakes during this time – not the SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, obviously.

Eclipse 2018: Rare super blue blood moon in pictures

However, the rest of 2018 looks set to make up for the four-week wait with a whole host of incredible celestial events to look forward to, according to NASA and . All times in UTC.

Because February, at 28 or 29 days, is shorter than the lunar cycle, the month sometimes skips the cyclical full moon.

But its more common name comes as October is traditionally seen as a big time for hunting game, after the harvest period where the birds have become fatter from the failing grains.

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Alien life could be found by looking at exoplanets with changing seasons – experts

The Pink Moon is a particularly important lunar event as it is used to fix the date for Easter, which always falls on the first Sunday after the Pink Moon rises.

It can be seen at its brightest at 3.53am on September 24.

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The Worm Moon will take place on March 1 and will be visible from 12.51am.

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Supermoon 2018 in pictures: Rare super blue blood moon takes to the sky as three unusual lunar events – an extra big super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse – take place at the same time.

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Blue Moon 2018: When is next full moon? When is next blue moon? Full lunar calendar HERE

As temperatures warm, earthworms begin to appear above ground and birds begin finding food – which is how the moon took its name.

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February will be a full moon-less month after the double excitement of January, which saw two supermoons on January 1 and January 31.

You can see the Sturgeon Moon – also known as the Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon or Grain Moon – on July 27 at 9.21pm.

While February misses out, March will see two moons this month – with the second moon earning the title the Blue Moon.

It is also the name given to the first full moon that takes place closest to the Autumn equinox, which this year falls on September 23.

It can be seen at 5.45pm on October 24.

The last time this happened was in 1999 and only occurs four times in a century.

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Eclipse 2018 India: When is the next lunar eclipse in India?

The Hunters Moon is also known as the Travel Moon or the Dying Grass Moon.

Super blue blood moon eclipse 2018: What is a supermoon?

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Eclipse 2018 USA: When is the next lunar eclipse in USA?

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Super moon 2018: When is the next full moon? How often does it happen?

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The Harvest full moon, which falls closest to the September equinox, is clearly named after the Harvest season.

The moon will be visible at 12.56PM on August 26

This moon sees in the early harvest and is aptly named after the crops about to be pulled in at this time.

Has NASA found aliens? Discovery of habitable planets with seasons could reveal alien life

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A BLUE Moon lit up the night skies across the UK and beyond last night during a rare celestial event that saw a super moon, blue moon and blood moon coincide with a total lunar eclipse. But when are the other full moons and what are they called?

A full moon, when the Moon is completely illuminated by the Suns rays, occurs every 29.5 days and occurs when Earth is directly aligned between the Sun and the Moon.

Super Blue Blood Moon: When is the next blue moon?

Images of the first rare supermoon of 2018

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