Carbide Cutting Tools

Our newR/F END MILL, rougher/finisher design is available

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Harmonicutin both 3, 4 + 5 flute geometries. Get improved performance at an economical price.

in a standard and variable flute configuration. This end mill provides excellent performance and chip control

CCT is proud to introduce our line ofThread-Pro coolant thru thread millsat an affordable price. The offering can be found by viewing our current price lists. These are offered in straight coolant and side exit coolant. The addition of coolant aids in the evacuation of chips and helps increase tool life.

is designed for High Efficiency Productive Machining. Capabilities include shouldering, ramping, helical ramping, slotting, and pocketing. The advantage lies in the high cutter load per tool (CLPT) capabilities of thisgeometry.

Carbide Cutting Tools

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