Ceiling Construction

Read this article to understand the benefits and drawbacks of cathedral ceilings.

How to Change a Cathedral Ceiling to a Standard Ceiling

Building a Plywood Ceiling for the Porch

Heres is how to estimate the cost of soundproofing your ceiling.

Follow this expert advice to install a drop ceiling.

How to Install a Tongue and Groove Ceiling Part 3

Crown molding is a popular method of hiding the seam between the ceiling and the walls. It can also be used on a popcorn ceiling.

Yep, theyre not just ugly. Some popcorn ceilings contain dangerous asbestos.

Heres how to put em up, from A to Z.

How to Prevent Shadow Lines Caused by Timber Joists

10 Advantages of Metal Ceiling Tiles Over Traditional Materials

4 Drop Ceiling Safety Issues Explained

Consider these ideas to make your plywood ceiling look fantastic.

Read these pros and cons before deciding on a popcorn ceiling for your home.

Transform your office into a tropical paradise! Youll never want to leave!

Acoustic foam is used not only for sound and recording studios, but it is also an ideal noise insulation component for a normal room. Follow these the easy steps to install acoustic foam on your walls.

A tray ceiling gives an illusion of height without major renovation in your house.

Converting a cathedral ceiling to a standard flat ceiling is relatively easy if you follow these instructions.

To hide your structural ceiling or light fixtures, or just to create a different visual atmosphere in the room, a suspended T-Bar ceiling might provide the look you want.

Learn to paint your popcorn ceiling by hand or with helpful tools.

Faux wood beams are a light-weight, inexpensive and easy way to add decorative value to your home

Ceiling Construction

Cutting Recessed Drop Ceiling Tiles

Read part one of how to install a tongue and groove ceiling.

This article is the second of a 3 part series on installing a tongue and groove ceiling.

How to Install Crown Molding With a Popcorn Ceiling

Follow these steps to install a plywood ceiling.

How to Install Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling

Coffered plywood ceiling create an attractive feature for any traditionally styled home.

Covering your popcorn ceilings is probably a better economic decision than removing it.

Follow these easy steps to hang fixtures from a suspended ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling: Asbestos Precautions

Finish this project, and youll finally have the ceiling of your dreams.

It may look great, but whats it hiding?

Installing a Coffered Plywood Ceiling

Estimate the Cost to Soundproof a Ceiling

At last, no more room-to-room noise pollution!

How much copper ceiling tiles cost, where to put them, and how to install them.

Follow these steps to create the perfect popcorn ceiling in your home.

How to Soundproof a Ceiling with Hat Channels 2

How to Hang Fixtures From a Suspended Ceiling

Whats the point of a great porch if the ceiling is an eyesore?

Are your timber joists casting unwanted shadows? Follow these simple steps to eliminate this problem.

Installing a Plywood Ceiling in the Garage

How to Install a Tongue and Groove Ceiling Part 2

From aesthetics to functionality, there are some good reasons to lower your ceiling.

Faux ceiling beams do not add integrity to a structure, but they can add a great decorative touch.

All you need is a friend, a few supplies, and these step by step instructions to install a plywood ceiling in your garage.

Soundproof insulation is not something which is only used by professional people in the music and recording

How to Create Popcorn Ceiling Texture

How to Soundproof a Ceiling with Hat Channels 1

Silence the footsteps over your head.

Its not too late to get the proper insulation.

Working with Plywood Ceiling Squares

Stucco Application: Mistakes to Avoid for Stucco Ceilings

Recessed drop ceiling tiles are easy to repair as they fit inside a metal grid on your ceiling.

How to Install a Tongue and Groove Ceiling Part 1

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