Chile consulate in Shanghai China

All visa applications may require the following:

Tourist visas are valid up to 90 days, depending on nationality

Requirement for Chile visa application:

Map of consulate of chile in shanghai, China (where is chile consulate in shanghai, China located?)

24 hours-7 days depending on whether application has to be referred to the relevant authorities

Student visas are valid up to 1 yearHow to fly directly from chile to shanghai, China?There is not any direct flight from shanghai to chile

a letter of police clearance (e.g. Canadian Police Certificate for Visa Requirements, available from the RCMP)

a letter of acceptance from the institute youll be studying at

In addition, student visa applications will require:

Consulate General of Chile in Shanghai, China

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Check all requirements of chile visa:

a letter of confirmation that the school and courses are government approved

4 color passport-sized photos

Chilean business visa requirements for China (Chinese)

Evidence of sufficient funds to cover stay

How to apply Chile visa in Shanghai, China:

List of Embassy or Consulate at shanghai

Most of people are obliged to obtain a Visa before visiting Chile. They can apply directly from consulate of Chile in Shanghai or apply online to get Visa.

Chile consulate in Shanghai, China Contact

How to visit shanghai, China from chile ?

a doctors health certificate

Chilean tourist visa requirements for China (Chinese)

Chile consulate in Shanghai China

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