Clip On Ceiling Shades

Looking for lighting ideas? Consider clip on ceiling shades. They are easy to install and come in a very wide range of styles and colours. In the collection below designs to match different tastes are presented.


Urbanest Leopard Safari Chandelier Shade, Hardback, 3 x 6 x 5 by Urbanest Living. $8.99. Leopard Safari Chandelier Shade, Hardback, Clip on, 3 x 6 x 5, NEW Material: Satin FREE SHIPPING!

Ceiling lampshade in round shape. It is made of metal and finished with sophisticated ornament. It is compatible with standard ceiling fan. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Set of three multi-functional furniture each of them has shape of drum. First is a covered of bright brown cloth, second and third are white and decorated with green and navy blue stripes. You can use them as a seats, coffee table or adornments.

Drum lampshade covered with fabric. Standard size for table lamp or chandelier as needed. Designed for indoor use. Natural color gives warm tone of light.

Classy and elegant ceiling fan shade offering quality, bowl shaped glass shade with detailed flower adornments, easy to attach, sturdy frame, and traditional design favoring simplicity and durability.

Wonder if I could make my own shade and put it on the fixture instead of this one. Stained glass or something.

Two ceiling lamp shades, made from plastic with clip-ons for vintage styled interiors: the white/frost shade and greenish blue shade, both retaining good general condition in spite of a few light rubs.

Make sure your interior is truly beautiful and up to the highest standards from the floor to the ceiling with this amazing clip-on ceiling light lamp shade that sports the octagonal structure and stunning white finish.

Transform that old chandelier with its bare bulbs into something far more attractive with these colored clip-on shades. With these, your ceiling lamp will look more like art nouveau that as if it were dragged out of a 1920s rundown hotel.

Elaborate umbrella shaped openwork ceiling lamp shade with rich abundance of romantic swirls motifs for nature-inspired look. Definitely art-nouveau-ish! Here it sports cream finish, but darker finishes are available as well.


Recycled Fabric Lampshade DIY :: makes cool pattern on ceiling at night

12 Glass Bowl Ceiling Fan Bowl Shade

Somewhere in the middle of the century, one could admire plastic clip on celling shades. Do you imagine? Of course! It is a wonderful crystal-inspired orchestra-like decorative element in a retro style. It covers the light bulb, going back to the past.

If you are looking for a unique lamp shade that is going to bring modern accents into your home, then, look no more! With this clip-on shade you can easily cover your ugly, old lamp, transforming it into a spectacular piece of decoration. Its easy to install, and lightweight, made of glass fiber paper.

Use this clip-on ceiling shade on your lamp, granting it a whole new appearance. The white shade features beautiful scrollwork with a ball finial on the bottom. its easy to install, all you need to do is to clip it on.

clip on lamp shade ceiling a clip lamp may come

The shades come in a variety of styles and designs. Some of them can be used to diffuse the bulbs beside a bathroom mirror or even added to a single bulb table lamp. The clip-on shades are an inexpensive way to upgrade the appearance of a room and to diffuse the light so that it is more efficient.

Satin Hardback Chandelier Lamp Shades Clip on 3 x 6 x 5 New eBay

This shade has a unique pattern reminiscent of paper sculpture. Small surprise since it is made of a substance referred to as glass fiber paper. The unique shape can turn that ugly hanging bulb into a hanging piece of modern art.

Easy to assemble and install and handy replacement for ceiling light shades, made out of plastic-covered, laminated glass wool with handy clip-on hinges on the top, which makes them cheap and provides a minimalistic touch.

This clip on shade is suitable for different ceiling lights. Its easy in use construction also looks very nice, so the shade also offers a decorative value for its users. Its simple, round shape matches any room style.

Pretty contemporary ceiling-mounted shade. Its classic ball-shaped body comprises of 2 hemispheres and its manufactured of quality opal glass. Theres a chain hole in the centre of the upper hemisphere.

Tiffanys cut glass and lamp shades just go together so well. This shade had a soft beige center with butterflies and a colorful outer rim. It is sure to excite comment from guests and to be enjoyed by people who live in your home.

Delicate machine-made scrollwork will cast patterned shadows all over your room while adding a bit of charm to that bare, overhead bulb. Create an air of mystery and intrigue in your ordinary living room. Add some soft, fringy throws and you are on your way to developing a bohemian decorating theme.

The simple construction of this clip on ceiling shade makes it easy to change the interior and add charm to it. The White finish is not overwhelming, and by the way, it is extremely versatile. The perfect solution for the home.

Vintage Ceiling Light Cover Clip On Bulb 1940s UFO Mid Century Modern Lucite?

A very good choice for anyone who prefers functional and decorative solutions in the house. This ceiling shade features green, yellow and gray colors. Its butterfly pattern looks very attractive and its clip on mechanism is easy in use.

clip on light shade from the latest pottery barn catalog it s a simple …

Butters lunette light. A stylish clip-on light shade, it can hang on a naked bulb dangling from the ceiling or attach to a table lamp. Its cheap– about $32.

Urbanest 1100324b Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades 6-inch, Cotton, Hardback, Clip On, White (Set of 5) Urbanest

Ceiling lamp shade with a neutral color. It is covered with linen that is not only attractive, but also practical. The shade looks very good in different indoors and assures good interior illumination.

Westinghouse Lighting Corp 81493 7-3/4clr Clip On Shade by Westinghouse. $6.99. 7-3/4 Clear Prismatic Clip On Ceiling Shade, Plastic

Clip on ceiling shades go back to the times when cheap apartments often had only a bare bulb in the center of the room as lighting. A clip-on ceiling shade has two wire loops that can slip over a standard lightbulb shape and hold it in place. They are unlikely to work well with the curly fluorescent bulbs.

Add a touch of style to your bedroom and choose the clip on drum shade for ceiling lights. It is very easy to use and fits right on the light bulb. The simple round shape fits perfectly to any style and decor.

This clip-on shade is formed to resemble a tulip blossom. The glass is softly tinted and gently molded. The bulb creates a golden center to the lightly frosted glass.

Vintage Retro Pink Plastic Clip on Ceiling Lamp Shade by VintageCreekside, $24.00

This tasteful clip on ceiling little light shade is a stylish detail that allows you to change the interior. Steel-based design with decorative glass is elegant and very practical. It gives the interior a pleasant atmosphere.

A pretty, beige bowl with soft floral designs is a beautiful way to diffuse a strong light and make it easier on the eyes. Say goodbye to glare on glossy magazine covers, tablets or computer screens and say hello to gentle vine shadows on your walls.

Let the stars shine in your living room, kitchen or bedroom with these lovely patterned shades from Pottery Barn. Each shade is delicately perforated with a lace pattern for extra interest. They come in white, cream, and brown.

Turn your hanging bare-bulb lamp into a Japanese lantern with these hanging, bare bulb shades. Honeycombed with triangles, these lamps come in white, beige and black for a unique statement.

Some bulbs are just too strong, and thats what these amazing bulb shades are for. Decorated pattern casts nice shadows, to enhance the aesthetics of your interior. The gentle beige colour is good for your eyes, so you can be sure your eyes wont get tired fast.

Vintage Pair Textured Round Popcorn Pebble Clip on Ceiling Light Shades eBay

Antique Vintage Art Deco Hard Plastic Clip On Pink Lamp Shade for Ceiling. Or you can search or vintage ones.

This fashionable clip on ceiling shade in a pewter finish can be a great way to put some new life into your old lamp. With such a beautiful design and easy installation, it can be a very beneficial decoration for your living room, or bedroom.

Refresh your home decor with this adorable and glamour set of six chandelier lamp shades. They have got the crystal finish with candle gold cover. They add a luxury touch into any interior.

This delightful clip-on shade is going to decorate your room in two ways. Firstly, thanks to its beautiful scrollwork, it will be a lovely addition for your ceiling. And secondly, after turning the light on, it will generate patterned shades that will be covering the whole room.

A decorative, useful and interesting ceiling light shade with a nice clip on mechanism. Its diamond stylization looks very attractive at day and night. The shade decorates indoors and does not block the light.

Ceiling Fan Shades NEW! Clips to Bulb Custom Fabric Made to Order

Sage Clip-On Ceiling Light Lamp Shade

Dont get rid of those ugly bare bulb lamps, transform them with clip on ceiling shades. The shades can also be used on candlestick bedside lamps and bulbs surrounding mirror lights. By diffusing light from these lamps, you can diffuse glare.

Designed of sewn fiberglass paper with metal clip, this clip-on shade is, mostly, suitable for a single-bulb, so, you will have to remove e.g. the glass globe, if you have one. It also works well with hanging lamps.

Clip On Ceiling Shades

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