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So, if you are looking to add a little character as well as better lighting to your home, you should consider hanging lamps. There are all kinds of options and if you are worried about energy consumption, you shouldnt be. There are plenty of Energy Star hanging lamps available in todays lighting market.

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You will find that if you live in an apartment complex, a lot of times there are no hanging lamps at all. Its really a shame because they can add a lot to a homes appearance not to mention much needed lighting. In cases like this, an advantage of this type of lamp would be that they direct a good amount of light in a downward fashion while still giving a diffused light to the entire surrounding area in the apartment.

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Some spaces just need them to break up the monotony, especially long narrow rooms where adding a lamp can really make the room take on a more characteristic look. Nothing is as boring as looking down a long narrow room with nothing hanging from the ceiling. The addition of a hanging lamp can add a lot to any room.

These are fancy types of decorative hanging lamps that are made up of arms, or branches, that hold a number of bulbs. They can enhance a rooms dcor and also give off plenty of light. These are generally categorized as metal, crystal, or beaded chandeliers. Metal chandeliers have curved arms and are streamlined in appearance. They are often finished with iron, nickel, or brass. Crystal chandeliers are probably the most elegant in appearance and are often found hanging from the ceiling in upscale hotels or restaurants. They generally use cut glass that dangles from the chandelier arms and reflect light for a dazzling look. Beaded chandeliers are very much like crystal ones. The main difference is that instead of crystal, they employ beads. They can even contain shells for a different decorative effect.

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These days its funny how we take lighting for granted, especially when it comes to a lighting staple like hanging lamps. Unlike in the past when ceiling lamps could be found in just about any room in any house, these days recessed lighting and track lighting seem to be all the rage. Hanging lamps are able to meet all of your lighting needs whether its the bathroom, living room, or kitchen. This practical and economical lamp style is also portable and allows you to easily place lights at different heights.

Because they are up high it is easier for the light to spread out around the room lighting up areas that are perhaps not reached by other lamp options. And, of course with all the options of ceiling lights available you can control just how much light they throw off as well. The range and depth of available hanging lamps is breathtaking and you will certainly be able to find the perfect lamp for any room.

And, of course lets not forget the whole reason of having ceiling lighting and that is light. These types of lamps have one of the best light distributions of all lighting because of the area they cover. They also allow for more floor space obviously as the lights are placed overhead.

Ceiling lamps give the home owner or apartment dweller the opportunity to do something unique and different aesthetically with their spaces. A nice hanging lamp can really spruce up an otherwise blah space and give your friends and family something to talk about.

Swag lamps have a lot in common with pendant lamps. They usually have only one bulb or a small group of bulbs together. The big difference is that the cord, or chain, hangs from a hook instead of coming down directly from the ceiling.

A pendant lamp is a lamp that hangs from the ceiling by a cord, chain or pole. Basically they are suspended from the light fixture. The lighting from the pendant lamp directs itself downward in order to bring the light source to reach a central location. You will find that pendant lamps can either have a modern look or an old-world style such as a tiffany lamp. These types of lights are highly versatile, come in all colors, can be made of glass, plastic, or metal, and can be placed over almost anything you want. They are actually quite commonly in kitchens.

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The one thing you should do is make sure you have a professional install all your lighting. Since they are attached to the ceiling and require electricity you need someone trained to install them. Its not a job to take on yourself. Have fun shopping for lamps!

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