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Location: Desert Garden (subject to change)

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Apothecary Box- Learn about ancient Chinese medicinal herbs with a hands-on apothecary set

Succulent and Cactus Tactical Activity- Brave enough to touch a real cactus? Find out exactly what those prickly plants feel like

Japanese Character Writing- Compose dozens of words in Japanese with our brush pens and Japanese characters

Origami- Ever wondered how to make origami? Come and learn about this ancient art of folding paper

Chinese Character Writing- Practice your calligraphy with our brush pens and Chinese characters

Location: North Courtyard in the Chinese Garden

Cochineal Dye- See how tiny bugs transform into the color red and dye a small strip of fabric yourself

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Tea Samples- Explore the difference between green and white tea by smelling and touching various types of tea leaves

Encouraging observation and exploration, mobile Discovery Carts offer visitors the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities in the gardens using live plants, artifacts, and other objects. Each cart features 3-5 activities throughout the day, changing each weekend. Activities may take between 2-5 minutes each, and though designed for children, are also engaging for adults. Cart activities vary by theme and are described below.

Creosote Branch- Discover how California deserts get that rain smell hint: it comes from a very special bush

Zen Garden- Clear your mind with our mini-zen gardens then visit the Huntingtons own, life-size zen garden nearby

Beijing Opera Masks- Create your own villain or hero inspired by traditional Beijing opera mask colors and shapes

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Chinese Lantern- Light up your day with a colorful paper lantern based on traditional Chinese forms

Location: Situated next to the Japanese House

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