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Incredible strength Superior intelligence And even the ability to reproduce. In the 21st century, robots are being programmed to do everything from performing surgery on humansto exploring other planets. And humanoid robots are rapidly reaching a level of sophistication that was thought to exist only in science fiction. But what are the implications of creating robots that are increasingly intelligent and independent? Is the obsession with creating counterfeit humans really pointing the way to mankinds future or to its past? Greek stories dating to 2000 B.C. tell of the god Hephaestus creating robots to build weapons, as well as the bronze giant Talos. In Egypt, the Pyramid Texts say that the god Osiris was dismembered, then reassembled and brought back to life just like a machine. If sophisticated robots really did exist in the ancient worldwhat function did they serve? Who built them? And what happened to them?

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