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Antique Edward Miller Egyptian youth (bronze?) kerosene lamp. 26 1/4 tall. Base weighs approx. 3. Pat. 3083. Any info. would be appreciated. THANKS!

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An oil lamp is any vessel that holds oil and an absorbent wick and produces

This lamp is shown in an Edward Miller & Co. Catalogue of 1881 and was their model 122 Lamp. It is shown in my ref. book with a different font and base but is by Miller nevertheless. The base shown was their number B in their catalogue. You could choose the Base and the Font (oil holder) from their catalogue to go with the Figural stem you wanted. Edward Miller & Co. were manufacturers of Bronzed, Decorated, and Real Bronze Lamps and Cigar Lighters and they operated in Meriden, Conn., U.S.A. They numbered their lamps and did not give them names but your choice of name for the lamp certainly is appropriate but Egyptian Youth would be my choice. The original bronze finish has worn of to reveal the Spelter (White Metal) casting. Your Manhattan Brass attribution is because of the burner on the lamp which may or may not be original to the lamp. Burner like chimney were often replaced. A Very Nice Lamp Indeed!! RER(BOB)

Did they make a version of this as a gas lamp/cigar lighter? Thank you for sharing the information from your catalogue.

Thank you ever so much for looking, If I posted some of my gas portables, the figural ones, would you mind looking to see if any of the figures are in your Miller catalogue? I have two pair, and five singles. I have found some of the figures but the majority are still mysteries. If this is a cheek just let me know, please.

The Victorian Era, named after the prosperous and peaceful reign of England

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Lisa-lighting! I did not find a Gas or Cigar Lighter version of this particular stem made by Miller but very often their figural stems Were used for Gas and Cigar Lighters. RER(BOB)

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