Replace any switch in the house with an X10 switch and you can remotely control electric devices in a detached garageor anywhere else in

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We interviewed electrical engineer Maynard Guadiz to find out what we should really know about batteries and how to use them correctly.


Add tandem breakers to expand the available circuits in your fuse box (more accurately called a breaker box). But be careful. Only certain breaker slots will accept them.

Breakers tripping too often? Learn how circuit breakers work and how to calculate the safe electrical loads for the circuits in your house.

Which electrical tape is best? A master electrician tells you why he chooses Scotch 33+ above all the others.

When fluorescent bulbs go bad, there may be a problem with the fixture. Learn simple repairs for the most common problems.


When working with electrical, you will run into a situation where someone didnt leave enough slack inside the electrical box.

Replace the ballast when your fluorescent light flickers or makes an annoying hum. The repair will only take about 10 minutes.

Electrical overloads can be dangerous. In this article, well explain how electrical circuits work, how to figure out which outlets are

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Well show you how to use inexpensive electrical testers to make electrical work safer and easier. We cover three testersa

Power inverters allow you to run low power AC electrical devices like computers, video cams and even TVs in your car. We tell you your options

Static electricity can be a real problem in winter, especially in houses with carpets and radiator heat. There are several simple ways to


If youre adding wires or a bigger device to an electrical box, you may need additional capacity. There are two ways to enlarge an

Well show you how to use this monster of a tool for troubleshooting almost any type of electrical wiring or appliance. Once you

Whats a remodeling box? Most electrical boxes in your home are nailed to the wall studs or ceiling joists before the drywall is hung. But

Most of the time you can find the cause of nuisance tripping of an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) and correct the problem without calling an electrician.

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