Flo Rida – My House Lyrics

Flo Rida - My House Lyrics

Make yourself at my home, tell me where you been

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Keep our clothes on the floor, open up champagne

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Pour yourself something cold, baby, cheers to this

from the albumMy House Copyright: Writer(s): CARLSSON JOHAN JENS ERIK, Dillard Tramar, BORRERO MARCO DANIEL, HAMMOND ROY C, GOLAN ROSS

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But my house is your house if you throwin it back

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Morning comes and you know that you wanna stay

Flo Rida performed My House at the halftime of the Cardinals vs. Packers game on January 16th, 2016, causing the track to bump up in digital sales significantly that week.

Mi casa es tu casa so it aint no holding back

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Hear a knock on the door and the night begins

Lets continue tonight, come on, celebrate

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Welcome to my the crib, the spot, the pad

If Jaheims Put That Woman First sounds familiar to you, its because Flo Rida samples it for My House:

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Close the blinds, lets pretend that the time has changed

Cause we done this before so you come on in

Another shot of vodka, you know whats in my glass

Soon as these happy faces you can run with the cash

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