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c.With our correct base map, we can then locate a city exactly where really is on that map ensuring the highest level of precision.

David on the Run 4 years + 4 years at Ziglag

Churches in 325 AD during Nicene era.

Latest up to date archeological information.

a.Chronology is the science of historical dating.

Absalom, Solomon, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Abijah Maps & Sermon Outlines

Saul: the Psychotic king who drove himself insane.

4.Personal Salvation and Eternal life:

When you get the cartography, chronology and archeology right,

b.When you get the cartography, chronology and archeology right, you get the inspired Bible story right!

you get the inspired Bible story right!

a.Become a Christian and attend a local church every Sunday!

b.Great care has been taken into creating the most accurate Bible timelines available.

b.You are permitted to hyperlink to these maps, as long as it is clear that the origin. Displaying the maps in frames from our server where it is not clear your source of these maps is is forbidden.

High resolution magazine photo quality.

Old, Ancient, Antique, Vintage and Modern maps

c.Even maps in Logos Bible software, for example are highly inaccurate and full of mistakes, errors and misplaced cities.

Free High Resolution Bible Study Maps and Chronology

Pauls last instructions to his fellow preachers!

c.Most other bible maps come from atlases which contain huge distortions because they present the entire earth on a flat, two-dimensional view.

Over 350 Bible cities, wildernesses, places

Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus, 33 AD

Missing entirely from the Madaba Map is the Red Sea, Mt. Sinai and Petra/Kadesh Barnea. It would certainly be on the map, but was vandalized by the Muslims in 700 AD. Most notably, however, is that the modern choice for the location of Kadesh Barnea at Ein el-Qudeirat, should be in a section of the map that is fully intact. Qudeirat should be located close to the large red text, lot of Simeon. This means that Kadesh is located in one of the damaged areas and proves Kadesh is not at Qudeirat. The Madaba map was based upon the Onomasticon by Eusebius, and Jerome.

a.Bible based Satellite imagery using GPS locating which are archeologically precise.

Pauls Fourth and Fifth Missionary Journeys

b.The maps and chronologies were created by taking the Bible as a true record of earth history.

Index of early church fathers and apologists with their theological views. 200AD

Conquest – Judges Maps and Sermon Outlines

b.Most places on the map are marked with their Bible name AND the archeological site name. ie: Gath (Bible name) = Tell es-Safi (Archeological name)

8.Author and creator of maps and chronologies: Steve Rudd:Contact author with comments or questions

a.This collection of free Bible maps and chronologies are the most accurate in the world available today.

Maps and Chronologies by Steve Rudd:Contact author with comments or questions

High accuracy Bible maps and Chronological time lines:

Bible based Satellite imagery using GPS locating which are archeologically precise.

a.Knowing the precise GPS coordinates of a Bible city ensures it is marked exactly in the correct place on the map.

a.We wanted to provide high quality Bible maps that were reproducible by you the seeker free of charge!

Growth of Christianity from 33AD – 1100AD.

d.Before they begin to excavate a site, Archeologists make assumptions in advance which Bible city they are digging.

Flood to Exodus Maps and Sermon Outlines

Four World Empires: Chronology and Timelines

See also:Museum of Ancient Synagogues


b. the right to revoke the free use of any materials hosted on our website, including these maps, and prevent or forbid any possible use, for any reason, without explanation.

c.Archeology is a critical tool in creating Bible maps and chronologies.

Successive world Kingdoms: Persia, Babylon, Assyria

Copyright and usage notes about this map web site:

Free Holy Land Tour Maps of Israel and promised land

Master Archeological Bible Study Map

Moab, Ammon, Philistines, Zobah, Edom, Amalek.

Directory of Churches mentioned in the Bible 33-100 AD

a.You can use print, photocopy, E-mail, distribute or make overhead transparencies of these maps for public presentations in church and Bible studies etc. or personal use.

a.Great care has been taken in utilizing satellite imagery to get a perfect, distortion free map of topography.

b.Most commercially available maps today that you find in books and Bibles are highly distorted.

The United Kingdoms of David and Solomon

b.Why not visit one of our simple bible based churches that meets in your own home town.

b.Why pay big money for bad maps, when these maps are free!

Old Testament Chronology and Timelines

d.Our maps have a 5 km from the surface resolution and are almost perfect.

d.You are not permitted to alter the maps in any way. The original copyright and the link to this web site ( must remain on all the images.

c.Most commercially available Bible chronologies are widely inaccurate. Part of the reason is that the creators of the chronologies are atheists and do not view the stories in the Bible as ever actually happening. Consequently, these atheists will never get the correct dates for events they view as fiction.

d.Enjoy and let us know what you think!

a.Most important, the Bible is taken as the error free, inspired word of God.

a.Special permissions:Maps and Chronologies by Steve Rudd:Contact author with comments or questions

Eli, Saul, David Maps and Sermon Outlines

g.Findings lead to either rejecting or confirming the presupposed city location.

h.We have used the latest most up to date archeological information in associating an archeological site name with its correct Bible name.

Josiah, Jeremiah, Jehoiakim,Jehoiachin, Zedekiah Maps & Sermon Outlines

Chronology of end times and last days

Division of territory for the 5 patriarchs 600AD

e.Years and tens of thousands of man/days are spent excavating.

a.Steve Rudd the author of these maps and chronologies, is a Bible believing, weekly church attending, staff archeologist at Shiloh Israel.

c.In other words. Enjoy our free maps, but dont abuse the privileges.

Free to use but dont put online or sell.

b.The multitude of errors of city locations in commercial maps are compounded by the topographical distortions of the base maps. So not only is the base map distorted, a city is often placed tens of kilometres from its true location.

b.You are forbidden to put any of these maps on your website or post them online in whole or in part, including smaller sections.

Eastern and Western division of church between Rome and Constantinople

c.You are not permitted to sell these maps or charge any money in their distribution.

c.Many Bible maps are produced by PhD professors who do not believe the Bible is real history and reject the creation story, the flood, the tower of Babel, the Exodus, the Conquest. Further they reject inspiration of the Bible and view David and Solomon as mythical people who never lived. The atheism of these Bible map creators lurks in every city the place on their maps.

f.Highly trained and experienced archeological specialists interpret and classify the pottery and objects unearthed.

Maps of Ancient synagogue location sites

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