Glass Chimney Oil Lamp

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Butterfly Tiffany Art Glass Animals Lady 17 H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

As is well known, the oil lamp contains its unique lamp, usually with an oblong lampshade that resembles a decanter made of glass, resistant to heat. In this case, elegance adds a copper finish that allows chimney oil lamp to last for long.

What a beautiful oil lamp glass chimney! Perfect if you have an old, unused glass lamp stored in your cellar, but if you dont, it will make a perfect flower pot, or even a unique, one-of-a-kind wine glass!

This beautiful vintage oil lamp delights with its characteristic blue glass finish. It uses a solid and ornately-designed antique brass base. Once glowing, creates a magical inimitable climate.

Classic, antique glass chimney oil lamp converted into electric light source. Its milk white color looks very attractive in any design. This table lamp provides small, but practical amount of light in different indoors.

A charming vintage mini oil lamp having a short base-tank with a curlily beaded surface and a vase-type lampshade with a smooth surface and a curved top edge of milk glass. Theyre adorned with small roses. A burner and a shade holder are of brass.

This beautiful glass chimney oil lamp, deriving from 1870-80s. Its blue petal top enchants with its shape and color, being a marvelous addition to both contemporary and traditional living room.

Old-fashioned oil lamp. This unique lamp descended of the first half of nineteenth century. It has copper kickstand and glass chimney. This beautiful item dont play its role, but it will be perfect decoration in vintage bedroom.


Like oil lamps? If you answered positively, it might be worth to have a look at the photos that are visible down here. This site features a very wide range of glass chimney oil lamps in different shapes, sizes, designs and colours. Thanks to that variety, all the interested people will find it much easier to pick something for themselves.

This antique emerald green Aladdin kerosene lamp shall be a real treat for all retro design lovers. Its characteristic vibrant green glass will magically illuminate any interior.

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