Greece Timeline

Philip II, becomes King of Macedonia

Plato establishes the Athens Academy

Ptolemy I founds museum in Alexandria

He introduced to Athens the first coinage and a system of weights and measures

Greek and Roman Theater and Theatrical Masks Timeline

Alexander the Great defeats Persians at Issus

Full Chronology of Mathematics (including Greek mathematicians)

Peloponnesian War (431-404) resumes

Sophocles produces Antigone in Athens 430-429

Mummius Achaicus sacks Corinth and dissolves the Achaean league.

Euripedes produces Medea in Athens

Assiros: Revised chronology of the end of Mycenaean Civilization based on dendrochronology

Evidence of food producing economy, simple hut construction, and seafaring in mainland Greece and the Aegean

Legends:Argo Voyage, Heracles, Oedipus1600 BCELate Bronze Period



Alexander the Great defeats Persian army at Granicus river in Anatolia

Assiros: Revised chronology of the end of the Bronze Age era based on Bayesian modeling

or: LMIA Advanced, LMIA Final, LMIB Early, LMIB Late, LMII

Perikles leads Athens through its Golden Era (ca. 460-429)

Stoic philosopher Epicurus founds school in Athens

Athens and allies defeat Persian fleet at naval battle of Salamis480 BCEClassical Period

Archimedes (287-212) born in Syracuse

Alexander the Great becomes king of Macedonia

The timeline of Greek Mathematecians

Macedonian army defeats Athens and its allies at Chaeronea

Homeric poems recorded in writing (750-700)750 BCELate Geometric

Tyre capitulates to Alexander after siege

Thirty-year peace treaty signed between Athens and Sparta in winter 446/445

Earliest evidence of burials found in Franchthi Cave in the Argolid, Greece

Pesistratos Dies. His sons become tyrants of Athens

Early Middle Cycladic(2000-1600 BCE)

Stoic philosopher Zeno founds school in Athens

Lucius Aemelius Paulus of Rome defeats Perseus of Macedon at Pydna.

Aristotle founds the Lyceum in Athens

Aeschylus produces the Oresteia trilogy of tragedies (Agamemnon, Libation Barers, Eumenides) in Athens

Evidence of expanded Mycenaean trade at Levand1400 BCEMinoan Postpalatial Period

A New Bronze Age Chronology based on radiocarbon dating of the Thera eruption

Grave Circle B at Mycenae1700 BCEMinoan Neopalatial Period

Sophocles produces the tragedy Ajax

Pisistratos becomes tyrant of Athens

First Peloponnesian War

Red-figure pottery developed in Athens

Alcmaeonid family and Spartans free Athens from tyranny.

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