Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil History

The Kukui nut was worn by chiefs and kings known as AliI. AliI were the high chiefs of the islands, each island had their own AliI. They governed using divine power called mana and ruled above the priests and commoners. Mana could be described as cosmic life force, chi, the stuff souls are made, spirit. Mana is the stuff from which magic originates and resides in all living things. They wore Kukui Nut Leis polished withKukui Nut Oilas a way of showing their social status. These are the same Kukui Nut Leis that greet visitors to the enchanted Hawaiian Islands.

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Precautions and FDA Disclaimer: This web site is intended for educational and historic reference purposes only. Kukui Nut Oil has been used safely for thousands of years, however, before using kukui nut oil, people with nut allergies should consult a physician. The information on this web site concerning alternative treatments for skin conditions have not been evaluated by the FDA. Kukui Nut oil is not intended to treat or cure any skin condition, illness or disease. Always seek your family practitioner before use if you have an advanced skin disease or plan on using Kukui Nut oil for any such alternative treatment. References concerning the benefits and natural treatments using Kukui Nut oil for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, damaged skin, acne, sensitive skin are from historic references, personal testimonials and for educational purposes only. Affiliate links are added to the site to promote certain products. The companies and affiliate links referenced in this web site have not evaluated or approved such topics concerning alternative treatments using Kukui Nut Oil.

Kukui Nut oil has many traditional healing benefits. For thousands of years, Hawaiians have usedkukui nut oilfor its moisturizing benefits. It promoted natural healing and helped soothe the skin when exposed to harsh elements like the sun, wind and salt water. Kukui nut oil was used on the scalp for its stimulating effects on hair growth, used to soothe sunburn, windburn, acne, eczema and other problematic skin conditions. Modern Hawaiians also treasureKuku Nut Oil, fromnatural Kukui Nut soapstoluxurious natural Kukui Nut Body Oils, there are plenty of ways to enjoy HawaiianKukui Nut Oiltoday.

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If you would like to bring home and enjoy the benefits of Hawaiis best kept secret, check out they havespa quality Kukui Nut Oil productsthat are 100% natural and made right on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii in the heart of the old Waialua Sugar Mill.

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Today Kukui Nuts are harvested mainly for the oil and to make traditional leis. Hawaiians have so many uses for the kukui nut oil that it is mainly harvested for the local markets only. However,Kukui nut oilproducts are starting to find their way to the rest of the world via the internet.

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The Kukui (Candlenut) tree was brought to Hawaii from Asia by the early Polynesian settlers. The Kukui tree has always had spiritual significance to Hawaiians, giving them hope for renewal. So much, that today it is even Hawaiis state tree.

Kukui Nut Oil was used on boats and canoes to waterproof them. Since 1896 is was used on surfboards and used in a surf building ritual prior to hitting the waves.  Kukui Nut Oil was also originally used for lamp oil to create light and even for keeping track of time. Early Hawaiians would line up 5 Kukui Nuts and light them one at a time, hence why they are also known as candlenuts. A common situation would be to tell a loved one to be home before the second Kukui nut burned out.

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