Herodian Bible oil Lamp

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These lamps are exact reproductions and absorb the oil that is placed into them. They are not ceramically coated. If you wish to purchase non-porous Herodan lamps, please look at our other offering,Herodian Bible oil Lamp with Coating

An acrylic stand to display your Biblical era lamps is now available and may be purchased with this lamp.

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Each biblical lamp is made in Israel. Approximate size is 3.50 by 2.5 by 1. 2 wicks are included with the purchase of the lamp but any unbleached cotton fiber may be used. Size may vary slightly from lamp to lamp as they are made today as they were during the time of the New Testament. Each is unique, each is hand made.

This ancient clay lamp is an exact replica of those ancient lamps used at the time and place of King Herod, in the time of Jesus. These bible lamps were made from baked clay,terra cotta. The Herodian lamp was in use from about 50BC through the time of Christ. It is wheel made with the spout added on by hand afterwards. Olive oil was used then and is still recommended as the preferred fuel for burning. This style of lamp was common in Nazareth and other areas of the Holy Land. This lamp was commonly found in households and Jewish temples throughout the Holy Land during this time period. While there were bronze lamps during this time, most people used lamps of clay as they were inexpensive.

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