Himalayan Salt Lamp

Before I can explain to you why pink Himalayan salt lamps are so beneficial to your health, I need to briefly tell you about positive and negative ions and how they can affect the way you feel.

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Have you ever noticed how mentally and physically refreshed you feel after sitting by a gashing waterfall? Or how you experience a boost in energy after spending some time at an untamed seafront? What makes you feel so good in spots of this kind is the abundance of negative ions, which get produced in some natural places.

How does himalayan salt differ from rock salt? Theyre both solid sodium chloride so I would expect both types of salt to be equally effective.

I just have a question. I just recently bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp and was wondering if I could cover it at night with a light cloth napkin to dim it slight as it is rather bright in our room when we sleep.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps in your Home: Where to Place Them

Need to know proper use of the salt lamp. example: length of time to leave on etc.

You can check this store you are in the US. Good luck!

People using salt lamps report improvement in their physical and mental well-being soon after starting to light them. They are said to help with:

Due to their calming colors (different shades of orange and pink), rock lamps have also been used in color therapy to help treat neurotic disorders and sleeplessness.

In order to breathe in fresh and pure air and protect our health, we want to be surrounded by negative ions. Negative ionsstimulatethe flow of oxygen to your brain and in this way increase your mental alertness and energy.

As far as the lamp effecting ions in the air. Possible. But probably to a very limited amount.

My daughter and I have a Himalayan salt lamp in every room. We love them. So soothing. Just sent one to my granddaughter and hope shell enjoy it as much as we do.

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I wish I would of known this a few yrs back when one of my daughters room mates brought bed bugs into the house and it cost my daughter over $3,000 to get rid of them and a lot of stress for everyone in the house. I know now! WOW! ?

If you are near Himalayas, try that guy at the foot of the hill, he usually has one or two for sale.lol

can you turn it on and leave it on or does it need to be shut of at times?

* There is excessive micro vibration nearby ie: too close to a TV.

Where do you have a lot of electronic smog from computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc.?

It produces the light waves of the rainbow spectrum which protect your body.

The lamp has a small bulb inside and is shaped in a sophisticated way to create a beautiful decorative object of an exceptional health value.

* There is a large current drawing appliance on the same circuit that is turned on/off and there is a momentary power spike.

Thanks for information, if you can get me full contact details of manpreet mathur. As I want to buy salt lamps.

Hi Racheal, if you spritz the lamp with water, since salt is hygroscopic (attracts water to its surface) the lamp might sweat (although if the salt lamp is left on, the heat of the light bulb will prevent sweating and will help evaporation). You can perhaps spritz a little bit of water in the room but I would not spritz it directly on the lamp.

does the himalayan salt slowly melt.

I purchased this one on eBay, is there any way to tell if it is real or not? It says 100% Himalayan Salt, but how can I be sure?

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To learn about the amazing health benefits of pink Himalayan salt read my post:

Hi, I would like to know which is the perfect place to place the lamp

Do I leave my salt lamp on all of the time?

Some people leave their lamp on all the time, but you dont have to some people turn it off before they go to sleep. The lamps are generally safe to leave on at all times, but if you plan on to leave your home for an extended period of time, for example if you go on vacation, then its best to unplug it until you return.

I have beautiful lamps from I use them in my birds rooms and all over the house. Even my dogs love them! They have these dimmers on them, which is excellent to have! I was told to keep them on as much as possible and use as many in the house as I could for best results. The company is wonderful! and the selection is wonderful. And I think they are fair trade which you never know when buying products made oversees how they are being made.

See my guidelines in the article under the title Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps in your Home: Where to Place Them

I live from where they take out salt and make hundered of these lamps.5 US $ for a lovely lamp.

You only think people visiting this site is from north America. There are people from other parts of the world that cant order from those places that you listed. Dont be so narrow minded.

Hi Alex, Himalayan salt lamp is a type of rock salt lamp they are made from salt crystals from the Himalayan mountain regions and come in variety of shades such as white or orange/pink. There are other rock salt lamps that come from a number of other locations throughout the world (although some claim that the finest quality comes from the Himalaya).

Great article! I love these lamps, I have a grey and white salt light as well, and in various shapes, really beautiful and all mine come with a dimmer switch so I can adjust the brightness- I got mine from So Well,

i have a salt lamp & use it every night. id like to know how long is the lamp good for? ive had it for a few years now

Can I put them in childrens room?

Just in case anyone would like to know these lamps not only purify the air, but for some reason they kill bed bugs, which is a bonus for anyone that has tried everything else

The Himalayan salt lamps have other health benefits and they have been recommended for anyone wishing to:

This one is made of Rock salt though and not the Himalayan salt so the benefits arent the same. I am trying to find one and looking at the orgins and this is not himalayab salt

yes I am interested in purchasing a couple of lamps-but have a limited $ account

Achieve a feeling ofrelaxationandmeditation.

You can buy high quality Himalayan Salt Lamps from Salt Lamp Store ?

Studies have shown that your brain gets bombarded by frequencies 20 times higher than its optimal frequency, which results in all sorts of problems, including insomnia, nervousness and allergies.

The Sun does a marvelous job of producing rainbows and light. As far as everything I have read light can be beneficial by its effects on your mood but harmful to your body.

Please let me know where can I buy theselamps if on line or a retail or the retail or thanks

LTD Commodities online catalog, I bought a large one for $9.99


You can buy them here. have a wide variety. I also bought mine here.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

It produces the light waves of the rainbow spectrum which protect your body.

I have found a good quality Himalayan salt lamp at Walmart for only $15! It comes mounted on a wooden base, and has a dimmer switch. It would make a terrific Christmas gift.

Another way to improve the quality of air in your house is by frequently airing the place, so the air can circulate. In the winter months or when there are high levels of air pollution, it might be difficult to leave the windows open and sufficiently air all the rooms. That is when the salt lamps can be particularly useful and can help cleanse the air and remove the stubborn winter bugs.

Ive read about some anecdotal evidence that some people keep the lamp on their nightstand and turn it on for 2-3 hours before bedtime. When the heat from the lamp reacts with the salt, it creates a reaction that purifies the air, and some people who use these lamps have noticed a reduction in snoring, allergies and asthma.

The lamp will last forever if you take care of it. The bulb depends on your usage just like any normal light bulb.

To get the full benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps its generally recommended to leave the salt lamp turned on all the time, as the more you leave it on, the greater air ionizing and purifying effect it will have. The lamps are generally safe to leave on at all times, but if you plan on to leave your home for an extended period of time, for example if you go on vacation, then its best to unplug it until you return.

Just. Beautiful. I am always recommending to my friends and family that they get some lamps. A guy I know also had amazing benefits from using a Himalayan salt pipe for his breathing issues. I have 4 in my home, Im completely obsessed with them!

I have six of these and I believe that they work !! My mom has respiratory problem and I think it has helped her a lot.

Aree there stores in the Philippines thst sell this H. Salt?

Where do these salt lamps originate from? Ill buy them directly from the source instead.

Would any one know how exactly does salt crystals It balances artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths that originate from electronic appliances?

The bulb inside of the lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. Salt itself ishygroscopicand attracts the water from the surroundings. You can often see that the salt lamp is damp or even wet, especially in more humid environments. Due to the gentle heat of the lamp, the water quickly evaporates and during the evaporation process the beneficial negative ions get created. They go on to bind with excessive positive ions (bacteria, molds and allergens all carry a positive charge) and neutralize the electronic smog in your home.

* If the lamp has been turned off and it has cried while been off and has not been wrapped up, salt may have cried onto the bulb which will cause it to blow.

For more ideas on how to naturally improve the air quality read my other articles:

Scientifically speaking, the Himalayan salt lamp achieves the following things:

Hey people. these lamps are available in[emailprotected]@mathur

Dont expect massive improvements if you tuck away a single rock lamp in the far corner of your house where no-one ever goes. These lamps have a limited range. You will achieve best results if you place them somewhere where you and your family spend a lot of time, or where there are a lot of electronic appliances.

No. The bulb inside of the lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. If the bulb is turned off, you will not have this effect.

There are a lot of fake and cheaper versions on the market that dont use Himalayan salt. You should check the origin of the lamp you are purchasing. The real lamp is made from pure, food grade Himalayan salt. Substitutes from rock salt will not provide you with the same benefits.

I bought one at Ross, lol. I want more now.

I bought mine at Ross and TJ Max that is the cheapest places

Hi Judy, Ive found an information in a website of Himalayan salt lamp manufacturer as per your problem. This is what it says under FAQ:

I bought several for Christmas presents this pass Christmas. My daughter ask if it reduced snoring, her husbands snoring a lot better.

* The globe is not quite screwed in firmly enough to touch both contacts.

TheWorld Health Organizationcalls the electronic smog one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences and states that concerns about the health effects should be taken seriously.

Theyre also excellent feng shui cures! I have one in my houseand one in my office. I like the round ones.

Where can I buy one of these lamps? Im in USA

Improve the quality of air in their immediate environment.

In short, positive ions are very harmful to us and need to be neutralized.

You can buy these at Bed Bath and Beyond

I heard these lamps can leave marks on furniture, is this true?

where we can buy himalayan salt lamp?

I love my Himalayan salt lamp and want to use it while I sleep. However, its too bright. I put it on the lower shelf of my night stand so it wont be as bright. Im wondering if this will prevent me from receiving its benefits since its somewhat enclosed? Any wisdoms on this?

i bought mine at earth bound in the US the medium sized one runs about 30 bucks

I live in Himalayas, I got mine from that girl that lives at the foot of the hill. ( Just joking)

How hot are they suppose to get to work a friend and I bought one and the blub blew on both of them when we pluged it in. We put new bulbs in them but not sure they are strong enough

wheres the link where we can get the Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp

My lamp has a dimmer switch If i dont have the light on, will i still recieve benifits??

Hi Nancy, Ive read a comment of a lady who advised that When not using the lamp for long periods of time, dont leave your lamp in a humid room, as it attracts moisture from the air (as part of its function) and it began to weep all over her furniture. I have also read a recommendation of Himalayan salt lamps manufacturer that recommends placing your Himalayan salt lamp onto a decorative plate or holder to avoid it leaving marks on furniture. The manufacturer also recommends that if you plan on having your lamp switched off for an extended period, he recommends unplugging the power cord, separating the cord from your salt lamp, and wrapping the salt lamp in a plastic bag to keep it air tight. This will prevent the lamp from pooling water.

Now, there is a way to mimic these perfect circumstances in your own home and indoor places where you spend a lot of time.

Improve various health disorders and maintain good health.

Himalayan salt lamps have the ability to chemically and physically transform a room, and have unique health benefits. People who use pink Himalayan salt lamps say that they help to increase blood flow, reduce allergy symptoms and even help to get a better sleep. Some of the other health benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps (HPS lamps) include reduction of mental health related disorders, improvement of skin conditions and respiratory problems such as asthma and even colds.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps can be solid pieces of saltlike this oneor decorative baskets filled with large crystals of saltlike this one.

* After a Bulb has been changed the cord and bulbs has been pushed too far to the top of lamp and is touching the salt.

* The globe is touching the inside surface of the lamp.

It balances artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths that originate from electronic appliances.

If you have globes popping (blowing) regularly, here are some things to take into consideration;

OMG Read! Amazon. Bed Bath & Beyond. All over the place. Google it! Youre the tenth person to ask and the answer is in the thread! Geeez!

if you are in manitoba,canada, i just bought a large one for 20.00 at bianca liquidation outlet

The globes used in Himalayan Salt Lamps are meant to be in a stationary position. If they are moved suddenly or are exposed to vibration, they are likely to pop. High humidity can also cause globes to pop.

If you in Leicester I retail them from home

We have 3 of these lamps and they are awesome!!! I keep one right on my desk and have it on all day and night while Im working. ?

From what Ive read, you need to make sure that the dogs cannot reach the salt lamp so they avoid licking it, as too much salt can be harmful for dogs (and cats). Other than that I couldnt find any information that indicates that the lamps are not safe for pets.

Where would you like to enjoy the lamps relaxing effects?

My 2 dogs sleep in their beds in my bedroom. Is their any contraindications for dogs?

Ive read that as long as the lamp is not immersed in water (as it is salt and will dissolve) it will last for a very very long time, but I dont know what about the electrical mechanism of it.

* The lamp is moved while the lamp has been on for a while.

Some people leave their lamp on all the time, but you dont have to some people turn it off before they go to sleep.

hi. i live in the high desert. should i spritz the lamp with purified water? since we have such low humidity? its usually in the 30% range for humidity here.

Nature produces negative ions to combat air pollution. They attract the harmful particles, which are positively charged, and they balance and neutralize them, so that they lose their damaging characteristics.

Moreover, pink Himalayan salt lamp is a very pure source of light and its multi-colored glow has a soothing effect and relaxes you.

rubbing alcohol kills those suckers FAST! You have to be careful because rubbing alcohol is flammable but it is highly effective. Our downstairs neighbor in our old apt. building had a nest of bedbugs he never bothered to get rid of and they spread through our building. We ended up with an infestation ourselves which two visits from an exterminator was not able to eradicate. I was desperate and at the end of my rope when I started trying all different types of chemicals, pledge, windex, you name it.. nothing really worked until I spilled rubbing alcohol on my bed by accident. Next thing you know, they were avoiding that side of the bed I started spraying the mattress every night before bed (leaving the room until the fumes settled). problem solved! Weve since moved and not a single one made it to our new place, THANK GOD!

Then, place your salt lamps in these areas.

I tried to search it but couldnt find information about it. I believe that covering it with a light breathable cloth is fine.

I have that one also, and really like it.

I have previously written about theamazing pink Himalayan salt. Salt lamps areblocks of pure Himalayan salt, so they come from the same region of the world. Also known as the Vitamins of the Air, they are made from the salt that came from ancient oceans, and serve as a perfect air ionizer.

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions.

Mind, Body & Spirit fairs will have them. Its where I got mine from but you can also get them off Amazon too ?

How long is this Himalayan salt lamp last for

Where can I get a replacement when the bulb and wire get spoilt?

We are surrounded by positive and negative ions these are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained an electron and are electrically charged.

It is suggested to have more than just one pink Himalayan rock salt lamp. You can start with one of course and then add to your collection as you go along.Its similar to plants the more the better. You should aim to have at least one in every room you frequently use, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

What is the address of the Salt Lamp Store.

You can buy it online (like Amazon or other online shops) or in some lighting centers/stores or homeware stores.

Positive ions arecreated by electronic devicesand have been dubbed electronic smog or electronic air pollution. As we all know, we are increasingly surrounded by all sorts of computers, large screen TVs, telephones, microwaves and other appliances we now deem necessary for our survival and entertainment (although only a decade ago we did perfectly well without most of these).

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