History of Canadian

1930 – Mineral Rights transferred from Federal Government to Provincial Governments of Western Provinces

2000 (December 11th) – Spot price for Alberta gas closed at a record $16.95 (Cdn) per gigajoule

1974 – Bent Horn oil discovery by Panarctic on Cameron Island – the only oil field to be commercially produced in the Canadian Arctic

1942 – CANOL pipeline project commenced – US Wartime effort to link Norman Wells to Whitehorse. Only used 1944-1946 – Oil from this pipeline had a true cost of $137.19 per barrel!

2001 (January first week) – A record 597 rigs drilling in Western Canada

1997 – Industry spent a record $1.5 Billion to acquire 6.88 million hectares of land in Canada ($219/Ha) during the year.

1971 – First drilling on Labrador Shelf (East Coast)

2006 (June 21) – Husky announces discovery of extension to White Rose oil field off East Coast

1920 – Norman Wells oil field in NWT discovered.

1995 – Albertas Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) changed name to Energy Utilities Board (EUB)

2008 – (Feb 20) – British Columbia announces plans to introduce a Carbon Tax at the consumer level

2007 – (July 31) – Marathon Oil Co to buy Western Oil Sands Inc for $6.6Billion

2005 – (Sept 20) – Encana to import 25,000 bbls diluent per day via Kittimat, BC for transporting oilsands production to the United States.

1997 – Kyoto Agreement to limit greenhouse gases

1985 – Agreement between Federal Government and Newfoundland Government to jointly manage offshore oil and gas resources

2007 – First 4 months of drilling in Canada lowest since 2002

2003 – Record number of wells drilled in Canada (19,955) during 2003 but gas production declined and price climbed.

1948 – Pouce Coupe – first gas discovery in N.E.B.C.

2002 – (Dec 10) – Nexen to delay Long Lake Oilsands project

1977 – Berger Inquiry into the McKenzie Valley Pipeline results in 10 year moratorium on development in NWT.

2000 – Aurora Mine opened at Syncrude – 1st remote oil sands mine

1858 – First oil well at Oil Springs, Ontario – note this well was probably dug not drilled. It can be claimed to be the first oil well in British North America but may not have been the first well drilled in North America*

2004 – (Oct) – Application to build MacKenzie Valley pipeline submitted to NEB – estimated cost $7.5Billion.

1930 – Bow Island field exhausted having produced 336 Bcf into the Calgary market.

1883 – First gas found in Alberta – at Langevin, near Medicine Hat – while drilling a water well for the CPR!

1970-1971 – Gas blow-out on King Christian Island in Canadian Arctic

2008 – (Nov 17) – Progress Energy Trust and ProEX Energy Ltd to merge

1857 – First oil production at Oil Springs, Ontario – from a shallow pit.

1936 – Oil leg discovered in Mississippian at Turner Valley

2008 – (Oct 15) – EnCana to indefinitely delay corporate split due to turmoil in world financial markets

2005 – (Apr) – Husky announces plans to proceed with the $10 billion Sunrise bitumen project NE of Fort McMurray

2000 – A record 21,967 well licences were issued in Canada during 2000.

2000 (December 1st) – First shipment of gas on Alliance Pipeline

2000 – First gas production from Sable Island – First Canadian offshore gas development.

1967 – Great Canadian Oil Sands Ltd (later Suncor) began production of Tar Sands north of Fort McMurray

2005 – A record number of gas wells drilled and record spending in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

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2006 – Alberta collected $3.43Billion from the sale of oil and gas leases in 2006 – including $1.96Billion from sale of Oil Sands Leases.

2004 – (April) – Record number of wells drilled in Western Canada during first quarter (6278)

2005 – (Sept 6) – Teck Cominco Ltd pays $475MM for 15% stake in Fort Hills oil sand mining and upgrader project (current partners: UTS Energy and PetroCanada)

1950 – Interprovincial Pipeline built to transport oil from Edmonton to Superior, Wisconsin. First shipment arrived in Superior in early December.

1924 – First sweetening plant developed at Turner Valley to remove hydrogen sulphide.

2002 – (Dec 10) – Federal government ratifies Kyoto Agreement

2007 – (Mar 30) – True Energy Trust shareholders reject plan to revert back to a company

2008 – (Nov 19) – Alberta Government announces Transitional Royalty Program to enable companies to choose between the old and new royalty program for wells drilled over the next 5 years

1964 – Mitsue Gilwood field Discovered.

1953 – Interprovincial Pipeline extended to Sarnia, Ontario

1953 – Midale – First significant oil pool in Saskatchewan

2004 – A record 21,671 wells drilled in Canada

1949 – Golden Spike (Leduc formation) Discovered

2008 – (July 8) – Alberta to spend $2Billion to support large scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

2005 – (July 19) – Ottawa commits $500MM to help northern aboriginal communities deal with development of the MacKenzie Valley pipeline.

1971 – Pickering nuclear power plant opened in Ontario

2004 – (Oct) – Nexen Inc to buy Encanas North Sea holdings for $2.1Billion US.

2008 – (Apr 1) – TranCanada to acquire the Ravenswood Power Generating Facility in New York for $2.8Billion

2000 – Renaissance merged with Husky Oil to form Husky Energy Inc.

2006 (Oct 10) – Encana unveils plans for a major new office building in downtown Calgary – The Bow – 59 storeys high, curved building with 2 million sq. ft. of office space and costing $850-$1Billion.

1880 – Ontario refining companies merged to form Imperial Oil Company

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2005 – (July) – Pogo Producing Company of Houston to purchase Northrock Resources from Unocal for $2.2Billion Cdn. The first significant foreign purchase of Canadian oil and gas assets since 2001.

2006 (Jan 5) – AEUB closes the file on Comptons efforts to drill sour gas wells southeast of Calgary after Compton failed to submit an Emergency Response Plan – (see June 22 2005).

2007 – (May 7) – Total announces plans to build a 200,000bbl/day upgrader near Edmonton

1859 – Natural gas discovered in New Brunswick – flared as a waste product

2005 – (Sept 6) – Total increases bid for Deer Creek to $1.7Billion (see Aug 2, 2005)

2007 – (Nov 27) – CNRL announces drastic reductions to gas drilling in Alberta – partly driven by impact of the new Royalty Program

1951 – Daly (Mississippian Lodgepole) – First oil discovered in Manitoba

2003 – (Aug) – Access Northeast Energy Inc announces plans to build an LNG terminal at Bear Head, Nova Scotia

2006 (Oct 5) – Encana and ConocoPhillips to merge Encanas Foster Ck and Christina Ck oilsand projects with ConocoPhillips refining assets at Wood River, IL and Borger, TX.

2009 – (Jan 4) – Canadian Energy Partners report first British Columbia CBM project

1971 – Taglu discovery by Imperial in McKenzie Delta (3 Tcf)

2005 Encana and Apache – Initial experiments in Horn River Basin (Shale gas)

1981 – Hebron Oilfield discovered off Newfoundland

2007 – (Feb -Mar) Gasoline prices climb to over $1 per litre due to refining problems in Ontario and Alberta

2007 – (Mar 31) – 1st Quarter licence count in Canada down 22% compared to 2006. Land sale revenue in Alberta dropped to $500.85MM in 2007 vs $1690MM in first 5 sales of 2006

2003 – (Feb) – Gasoline spikes to record high prices in Canada (90c) – on threat of supply shortages if war begins in Iraq .

2000 (September 20th) – Oil price peaked at $37.40 (WTI US$)- highest since Gulf War

1866 – Natural gas discovered in Ontario – flared as a waste product

2008 – (Feb 12) – Cost overrun for CNRLs Horizon oil sand project now forecast at 25% – estimated at $8.5 to 8.7Billion

2008 – (Aug 18) – Fairborne Energy reports 13Mmcf/d from a Nordegg horizontal well at Harlech, West Central Alberta

2003 – (Dec) – AEUB rejects application by Polaris Resources Ltd to drill in the Whaleback, in the Alberta foothills.

2007 – (Oct 25) – Alberta introduces a new oil and gas royalty program expected to increase government take by $1.4Billion by 2010

2006 – Natural gas revenues from exports dropped in 2006 as result of a 5% decline in exports (to 3.5Tcf) and a 19% decline on price (to $7.15/gj).

2007 – (May 4) – Provident Energy Trust to buy Capital Energy Resources for $467MM

1947 – February 13th, Leduc discovered – Imperial Leduc No. 1

2008 – (Oct 2) – Kitimat LNG Inc propose to build an LNG export terminal at Kitimat instead of an import terminal – due to lack of LNG supply and ability to access new natural gas markets

1944 – Jumping Pound Discovered by Shell – first efforts to recover sulphur from sour gas

1979 – Hibernia discovered on the Grand Banks, Newfoundland by Chevron and Mobil.

1897 – Well drilled at Pelican Rapids – struck gas, blew out for 21 years

2008 – (Nov 28) – Gros Cahouna LNG receiving terminal project put on hold by PetroCanada and TCPL due to limited LNG supplies

1979 – Texaco Shell Blue H-28 well drilled in the Orphan Basin, east of Newfoundland – the deepest well drilled in Canada at the time (20233) and drilled in a then world record water depth of 4,876. (Ref. Reservoir Jan 2007)

1912 – Gas pipeline built from Bow Island to Calgary (275 Km) by Canadian Western Natural Gas

1985 – Panarctic shipped first oil from Arctic Islands (100,000 bbls from Bent Horn)

2007 – (Aug 16) – BC Landsale nets $149MM primarily for areas in northern NEBC with shale gas potential.

1977 – Nisku pinnacles at West Pembina discovered by Chevron.

2008 – (Mar 8) – Federal Government releases outline of plan for industrial greenhouse gas emissions

1874(?) – George Dawson reported oil seeps in Waterton Area

2009 – (Mar 5) – Talismans Saskatchewan assets to be sold to Crescent Point and Tristar for $720MM

1979 – Canadian Oil industry converted to metric

2002 – (Sept) – Canadian Natural Resources may move their heavy oil upgrader to the US if Kyoto signed.

1972 – Parsons Lake discovered by Gulf Canada in McKenzie Delta (1.8 Tcf)

2005 – (Mar) – PetroCanada to participate in Fort Hills oil sands project.

1923 – Heavy Oil discovered in Wainwright area.

1966 – First well drilled in Beaufort Sea

1985 – Western Accord by Brian Mulroneys Conservative Governement started process of Deregulation of the Oil Industry

1988 – Rowan Gorilla I (largest drilling rig in world at the time) sank off East Coast of Canada

1999-2000 – Ladyfern Slave Point Field discovered by Apache, Murphy and Beau Canada

2005 – (Sept 2) – AEUB suspends MRL (Maximum Rate Limitation) on light oil production in Alberta for month of September following production disruption caused by Hurricane Katrina

1943-45 – First offshore well drilled by Mobil from an artificial island off Prince Edward Island

2005 – (Aug 2) – Total E & P Canada offers $1.35Billion for Deer Creek Energy Ltd (owners of a start-up SAGD project at Joslyn)

2002 – (February) – Chevron decides not to develop the Hebron – Ben Nevis fields off Newfoundland (Oil too heavy)

2001 – May 29th – Conoco Inc offers $9.8 Billion for Gulf Canada Resources Ltd

2008 – (Nov 11) – Shell to indefinitely delay Grosmont bitumen pilot project (project to extract oil from bitumen charged carbonate)

1996 -1998 – escalated Eco-terrorism against oil industry in Grande Prairie area, Wiebo Ludwig eventually found guilty.

2008 – (Nov) – Encana and the Horn River Producers Group initiate plans for a gas processing plant in Horn River, initial capacity of 400Mmcf/d expected to be available in 2011

1889 – Eugene Coste drilled in Essex County, Ontario for natural gas to supply nearby commumities

1973 – Liberal Government of Pierre Trudeau formed Petro Canada and the Foreign Investment Review Agency (FIRA)

2007 – (Sept) – Energy Alberta (a private company) announces plans to build a nuclear power plant in the Peace River area of Alberta

2007 – (Nov 5) – Encana to buy Leor Energy LP for $2.55Billion – to acquire their interest in the Amoruso Field, Texas

2001 – Record year for all Canadian Landsales – $1582 Million + $562 Million work commitments

1820 – John Richardson made first scientific examination of Athabasca bituminous sands

2008 – (Apr 28) – Total E&P Canada to acquire Synenco Energy Inc – owners of the Northern Lights Oil Sand Project for $478MM

2005 – (Mar) – Northrock announces discovery of gas and condensate reservoir at Summit Creek, NWT. Reported at 20Mmcf and 6000bbls condensate per day.

2004 (April) – Galveston LNG annouce plans to build a LNG receiving terminal near Kittimat, BC.

Key dates of the World Oil Industry can be accessedhere.

1978 – Oil discovered at Amauligak in Beaufort Sea

2005 – (Aug 31) – Natural Gas at summer all time high price $10.67/gj.

2007 – (Apr 26) – Statoil ASA of Norway to acquire North American Oilsands Corp for $2.2Billion

2007 – (Nov 2) – Loonie hits a record of $1.07US.

2008 – (Apr 1) – Forest Oil Announces Significant Gas Discovery in Utica Shale of St Lawrence Lowlands Quebec

2006 (Oct 31) – Federal Government announces plans to tax income trusts resulting in a substantial drop in value and considerable rhetoric.

1976 – Discovery of Elmworth and concept of Deep Basin Gas by Masters and Gray of Canadian Hunter.

2006 (Feb 9) – Alberta Landsale raised $651.37MM including $559.4MM in Oilsands Leases – later revealed that Shell Americas – a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell – were the purchasers of most of the leases.

1965 – Rainbow Keg River reefs discovered.

1901 – First commercial oil well drilled at Cameron Ck, NWT (Later Alberta) – now in Waterton National Park.

1948 – Redwater oil discovered (Leduc formation)

1909 – Old Glory well drilled at Bow Island – largest gas well to that time in Canada. Drilled by the CPR on the wrong location.

1992 – Up-grader at Lloydminster began processing heavy oil

2007 – (Mar 12) – Imperial Oil revised estimate for building Mackenzie Valley Pipeline increased to $16.2Billion (compared to $7.5Billion in 2004)

2002 – (January) – Experimental gas hydrate project at Malik in the McKenzie Delta by an industry/government consortium

2003 – (Oct) – AEUB announced that Peace River 1 (4-31-85-20W5) had finally been abandoned after 88 years.

2006 (Sept) – Value of Canadian natural gas exports fell 46.4% compared to September 2005 – due to lower volumes and significantly lower prices.

2006 – Oil exports to the US A reached a record 1.78MMBO/d representing 17% of all oil imported to the US.

2006 (Oct 2) – Natural gas price drops to a low of Cdn$3.08/Gj on AECO spot.

1982 – Amoco Dome Brazeau 13-12-48-12W5 blew out creating a stink across the Province.

2008 – (July 14) – Shell Canada Ltd to buy Duvernay Oil corp for $5.9Billion

2001 – July 11th – Alberta Landsale brought in $125.54MM – the largest landsale in Alberta history.

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2005 – (Mar) – Suncor applying to build the $10 billion Voyageur project to expand oil sands production by 200,000 bbls.

2005 – (July) – Trident Exploration Corp and Nexen Inc announce plans for first commercial development of Mannville CBM at Corbett Creek with plans to spend $400MM in the next 18 months.

2002 Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas Founded

1980 – (October 28th Budget) National Energy Program (NEP) introduced by Liberal Government. Gave significant advantages to Canadian Companies.

1792 – Peter Fidler exploring in the Athabasca Region: Found great quantities of bitumen, a kind of liquid tar oozing out of the banks on both sides of the river in many places, which has a very sulphurous smell and quite black like real tar, and in my opinion would be a good substitute for that useful mineral

1982 – Ocean Ranger drilling rig sank on the Grand Banks with loss of 84 lives.

2007 – (Sept 24) – TAQA North (Abu Dhabi based energy company) offer $5Billion for Primewest Energy Trust

1929 – Alberta Research Council set up hot water extraction plant on Clearwater River to extract oil from bituminous sand.

2005 – (Feb) – CNRL to proceed with construction of Horizon oil sands project

1976 – Dome (Canmar) started drilling in Beaufort Sea

1957 – First gas exported to Eastern Canada by Trans Canada Pipelines

1953 – Pembina Cardium Oil Field Discovered

2006 (August) – Chevron spuds the Great Barasway F-66 well in the Orphan Basin east of Newfoundland. The first well in the Basin in 27years, it is scheduled to be both the deepest well (7400m) and in the deepest water (2400m) ever drilled in Canada.


1967 – Sable Island gas discovered by Shell

2004 – Husky seeking proposals to develop White Rose natural gas off the East Coast

1992 – First oil production from Panuke-Cohaset off Nova Scotia

2005 – (Apr) – Imperial stops work on MacKenzie Valley pipeline proposal in frustration over slow progress in reaching agreements with First Nations

1998 – Quebec Ice Storm destroyed much of electrical infrastructure in Quebec.

2006 (Apr 17) – Penn West Energy Trust to merge with Petrofund Energy Trust to create the largest conventional energy trust.

2002 – (August) – Encana announces plans for first commercial Coalbed Methane project in Canada

1923 – Edmonton converted to Natural gas

2006 (June 15) – Quebec to introduce a Carbon Tax to meet Kyoto obligations

1972 – Moratorium on West Coast drilling imposed by Federal and BC Governments

1957 – First gas exported by Westcoast Transmission Company via Vancouver to US markets

1977 – (Dec 2nd) Amoco Pacific Brazeau 7-10 blew out, capped 30 days later by Red Adair.

2007 – (May 10) – Shiningbank Energy Income Fund to merge with PrimeWest Energy Trust

2005 – (August 31) – Methanex announce plans to close Methanol production plant at Kitimat, BC due to high price of North American natural gas – methanol will be imported from offshore.

2008 – (Nov 17 – Fort Hills Parners (PetroCanada, UTS Energy and Teck Cominco Ltd) defer oilsands mine decision

2007 – (Jan 15) – True Energy Trust announce plans to revert back to a company (see Mar 30)

2008 – (Feb 4) – Enbridge Inc to lead consortium of 19 companies to identify saline aquifers for carbon dioxide sequestration

2004 (July) – West-Pac announces plans to build a LNG receiving terminal at Prince Rupert, BC.

1973 – First oil discovered on East Coast by Mobil at Cohasset.

2004 – (April) – Encana makes bid for Tom Brown Resources (primarily US properties)

2004 – (Dec) – Shell Canada reports discovery of a Leduc reef at Tay River (2-6-37-10W5), west central Alberta with 500-800Bcf in place.

2006 (Sept 14) – Canadian Natural Resources to acquire Anadarko Canada Corp for $4billion.

2002 – (Oct) – Saskatchewan reduces royalty rates to attract new activity

2008 – (Apr 10) – Alberta introduces royalty adjustments for the unintended consequences of the new royalty plan – provide additional incentives for deep oil and deep gas wells

1936 – Nylon invented – First synthetic from petrochemicals

2006 (Dec 22) – Transcanada Corp to acquire ANR Pipeline Company and other US pipeline and storage assets for $3.4Billion.

2005 – (Dec 14) – Alberta bi-weekly Landsale raised $544MM at an average price of $1,147 per hectare – More money than was raised in all the Alberta Landsales in 2002.

2007 – (July 31) – Shell proposes $27Billion oil upgrader at Fort Sskatchewan

2007 – (Oct 31) – PennWest and Canetic Energy Trusts announce plans to merge forming the largest oil and gas trust with greater than 15Billion in assets and 200,000BOED.

2006 (May 11) – PetroCanada offer for Canadian Southern Petroleum Ltd – an attempt to consolidate interests in the Canadian Arctic. Canadian Oil sands later made a better offer.

1938 – Alberta Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board formed by Social Credit Government – significantly reduced flaring activities.

1980 – Highest average land price ever – $395/Ha – for all Crown land acquired in Canada during 1980.

2007 – (Oct 9) – CNRL announce that many future oil projects would not be viable if the royalties are changed.

2000 (December) – Differential between light and heavy oil reached $21.46 per barrel ($40.86 for light oil, $19.40 heavy oil).

1914 – First discovery of Gas-condensate reservoir at Turner Valley (from Cretaceous) – Dingman 1

1973 – Union Nose Creek well – the deepest well drilled to date in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (18677).

2002 – (Sept 2) – Jean Chretien announces intent to ratify Kyoto Agreement

2006 (May 15) – AECO Spot Gas Price drops to $5.20Cdn/GJ

2008 – (May 16) – Gazprom to partner with Rabaska Partners in developing the LNG regasification terminal in Quebec supplied by by gas from the Shtokman Field (offshore Arctic Russia)

2003 – (Sept) – Largest ever Crown landsale in Canada. BC Government raised $417.98MM in the sale of mineral rights, primarily in the Sundown area of NEBC. Encana later admitted to being the buyer to pursue a Cadomin gas play.

2002 – (January) – First oil production from Terra Nova, Grand Banks, east of Newfoundland – using a floating production platform system.

2007 – (Apr 26) – Federal Governement introduces intensity based targets to reduce GHG emissions

2008 – (Jan 29) – Suncor comes to terms with the Alberta government on new royalties for their oil sands project

2007 – (Mar) Alberta intoduces new plan to reduce GHG emissions intensity by 12% for major industrial producers

1846 – Dr. Abraham Gesner demonstrated the wonders of kerosene for illumination on Prince Edward Island. Gesners process used coal or natural asphalt as a raw material rather than crude oil from pits and seeps*

History of the Canadian Oil Industry (Key Dates)

1951 – First oil discovered in North East British Columbia at Fort St John.

1982 – Ben Nevis oilfield discovered off Newfoundland

2008 – (July 16) – Record BC Landsale of $610.07MM with highest bid of $32,500/Ha.

2004 – (August) Enbridge Inc, Gaz Metro and Gaz de France proposing LNG terminal on south shore of St Lawrence, also TransCanada Corp and Petro-Canada teeming up to develop a terminal in Quebec.

1898 – Rockerfeller acquired Imperial Oil Company

2004 – (August) Irving receive approval to build an LNG terminal at St John, New Brunswick, team up with Repsol (Sept 2004)

2008 – (Apr 10) – Record Saskatchewan land sale of $265MM

1957 – Swan Hills, Virginia Hills and Kaybob – First Swan Hills Discoveries

2007 – (Sept 18) – Alberta Royalty Review Panel recommends significant increase in Alberta royalties for oil and natural gas

1982 – Pre-build section of Alaska Pipeline opened.

2005 – (August) – Gasoline selling at greater than $1 per litre in many parts of Canada

1997 – First production from Hibernia, Grand Banks, Newfoundland

1978 – Syncrude starts tar sand production

2009 – (Mar 3) – Alberta announces new royalty credit of $200/metre and a royalty reuction for all wells starting production 1st April 2009 to 31st March 2010

2007 – (Sept 28) – Encana warn that they will spend $1Billion less in Alberta next year if Alberta Royalties are increased.

1961 – First drilling in Canadian Arctic – Dome at Winter Harbour on Melville Island

2001 – First year that Bitumen production (271 million bbls) exceeded conventional crude production (264 million barrels) in Alberta.

2004 – (Sept) – Imperial Oil to move their head office from Toronto to Calgary.

2004 – (Oct 26) – AECO Natural gas price at $8.25/GJ.

1916 – Peace River Oil Co 1 (4-31-85-20W5) blew out. (see 2003)

1983 – PetroCanada Banquereau well drilled offshore Nova Scotia – Deepest well ever drilled in Canada 20,699 (6309m.)

2009 – (Feb 28) – CNRL announces first production of synthetic crude from Horizon Oil Sands Project ($9.7Billion project)

1981 – Dome Petroleum acquires Hudsons Bay Oil and Gas (HBOG) creating the financial woes that led to the demise of Dome Petroleum.

2007 – (Dec 20) – Fairborne Energy Trust and Fairborne Energy Ltd successfully recombined into an exploration and production company

2005 – (Nov 12) – First production from Huskys White Rose oil field in the Jeanne dArc Basin, east of Newfoundland.

2009 – (Mar 12) – 17 oilworkers dies following crash of helicopter supplying east coast production platforms

1911 – Standard Oil Trust broken up, Imperial Oil became an affiliate of Standard Oil of New Jersey

2006 (May 18) – Too high steam injection pressure at a well in a SAGD project at Joslyn Creek, NE Alberta owned by Total E&P caused breach in the overlying cap rock causing an explosion and creating a substantial crater

1988 – Amoco Canada finally acquired Dome Petroleum Ltd.

2002 – (June) – Encana announces discovery of Greater Sierra Jean Marie trend in NEBC

1957 – Waterton Mississippian Discovered

2007 – (Aug 23) – Agreement with Newfoundland and Labrador Government to develop Hebron-Ben Nevis oilfield, offshore Nova Scotia (700MMBO).

2005 – (June 22) – AEUB approves Compton Petroleums application to drill sour gas wells on the southeastern fringe of Calgary subject to certain conditions

2002 – (July) – Talisman announces first deep paleozoic gas discovery in BC Foothills (at Monkman Pass, below Triassic production)

2001 – July – Irving Oil announces plans to build an LNG receiving terminal near St John, New Brunswick

2003 – (Feb) – Encana to delay development of Deep Panuke (Off-shore Nova Scotia) citing excessive cost for reserves discovered.

1966 – Panarctic incorporated – a consortium of companies to explore in the Canadian Arctic

1967 – First drilling off Canadas west coast by Shell

2008 – (May 11) – EnCana announces plans to split company into a gas producer (Encana) and oil producer (subsequently called Cenovus Energy Inc)

2003 – (Aug) – Gasoline prices exceed 90c per litre in parts of Canada

1907 – Rudyard Kipling visited Medicine Hat and described it as having all hell for a basement.

2002 – AEC and PanCanadian merge to form Encana Corp

1969 – First drilling by Panarctic resulted in discovery of Drake Point gas field (nearly 6Tcf), Melville Island in Canadian Arctic.

1955 – Boundary Lake Oil Field in BC discovered

2002 – (Dec 30) – First production from Athabasca Oil Sands Project (AOSP) Muskeg River Mine – owned by Shell, Chevron and Western Oil Sands Ltd.

1778 – Peter Pond recorded occurence of bituminous sands at confluence of Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers.

2003 – (Jan) – True North Energy (Koch) postpones Fort Hills tar sands project citing lack of a partner + environmental and Kyoto concerns

1942 – Federal Government took control of the Abasand project at Athabasca to try and accelerate production from tar sands as part of the war effort

1924 – Gas condensate reservoir discovered in Mississippian at Turner Valley

2002 – (February) – PCP announced the first sales of Coalbed Methane production in Canada from their experimental projects in Southern Alberta.

1999 – Chevron makes major discovery in Liard area of NWT

2004 – ChevronTexaco Canada sell their conventional Western Canada oil and gas production to Enerplus, Acclaim and Paramount

1958 – Clarke Lake, BC discovered (Slave Point gas)

1986 – Discovery of Caroline Swan Hills Field by Shell.

2003 – (Sept 1) – 337gas wells (about 100MMcf/d) in the Fort McMurray area shut-in by the AEUB to preserve reservoir pressure for future bitumen extraction.

2004 – (Sept) – Federal Government sells final 19% ownership of Petro-Canada

2000 – World Petroleum Congress held in Calgary amid tight security

2006 (June) – Shell Canada acqs Blackrock Ventures Inc. for $2.4Billion – based on their ownership of cold bitumen land and production in the Peace River Arch area (Seal)

2009 – (Jan 27) – Total SA make unsolicited offer to buy UTS Energy Corps interest in Fort Hills OIl Sands Project for $617MM

1974 – Federal and Provincial Governments in dispute over resouce revenues, resulting in excessive taxation of Industry. Industry responded by reducing activity.

1986 – First significant down-sizing in Major Oil Companies as result of oil price decline.

1953 – Trans Mountain Pipeline (oil) completed from Edmonton to Burnaby, BC

1982 – Last uranium mine at Uranium City, Saskatchewan shut down due to market decline

1901 – First commercial gas field developed at Medicine Hat, NWT (later Alberta)

1852 Charles Tripp from New York, organized a company in the Oil Spring, Ontario, area to manufacture asphalt for paving from the natural solid petroleum material found there. That company, the International Mining and Manufacturing Company, was the first registered oil company in North America, but poor transportation infra-structure doomed that project (Cochrane and Fairbank 2000).*

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