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Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Refills Grab Bag – 3-Pack

Small Blemished Candle Grab Bag – 3-Pack

Answer: We do still carry the WoodWick Patchouli 22oz Candle, however we are currently out of stock (01/24/14). We are expecting a new shipment within the next couple of weeks however. Alternatively, we have the 10oz Patchouli WoodWick Candle in stock. Here are the links for both sizes: Patchouli WoodWick Candle 22 oz. – Patchouli WoodWick Candle 10 oz. –

Red Sleigh Radiant Fragrance Warmer

Enjoy the sweet, bright notes of this produce. Its thick flesh is a symbol of freshness, and can be used in many ways. Sometimes, a particularly juicy melon can be selected if the seeds rattle when shaken.

Mini White Flare Scentier Fragrance Lamp

Fairfax & King Diffusers By Found Goods Market

Ellipsis Luminary Candle Waxing Poetic

Answer: We have not carried Jo Malone Candles, and at this time do not have any plans to stock this line. However, you can find all your favorite Jo Malone fragrances on their website here:

Gift With Purchase Large Replacement Wicks

Im so happy with the service and items associated with this business – people are very, very pleasant and they aim to please. We need more people and businesses like this. I appreciate this store!! Very customer oriented!

White Snowflake Round Illumination Fragrance Warmer

Golden Rabbit Enamelware Collection

8 oz. Reed Diffusers by Aspen Bay Candles

Lavender Vanilla 30 oz. Woodland Natural Wick Candle

Discontinued & Seasonal WoodWick Items!

on Orders Over $65Mango, nectarine, vanilla, & mint.Question: how many oz is the frasier fir 3 wick oval candle from woodwick

Question: Im looking for some lamps that you use to have for like $15.00 do you still have some like that..the ones you have on are two expensive for me

Brick Mission Candle Warmer Lantern

Brushed Gold Santa Radiant Fragrance Warmer

4 oz. McCalls Reed Garden Diffusers

Reed Diffusers by Milkhouse Candle Creamery

HomeSpecialsBargain Basement Home Fragrance Clo搜索引擎优化uts

MANdle 15 oz. Paint Can Candles by Eco Candle Co.

Scentimental Scents Fragrance Lamp Oil Clo搜索引擎优化uts

Soziety Collection Reed Diffuser Votivo Candle

Scentimental Scents Reed Diffuser Oil

16 oz. Premium Fragrances Lamp Oil Grab Bag – 3-Pack

Answer: We do not currently have any Fragrance Lamps priced for $15, however there are several La Tee Da fragrance lamps on sale right now just slightly above your price range that you might consider. You can find those here:

Question: looking for 22oz or larger w/w patchouli candle,where do i fine them besides c/b.

Low Price GuaranteeWell Match & Beat!

Brushed Gold and Platinum Sleigh Radiant Fragrance Warmer

Gift With Purchase Large Replacement Wicks

Large Blemished Candle Grab Bag – 2-Pack

Question: I was wondering do you ever carry Jo Malone candles

16 oz. Scentimental Scents Lamp Oil Grab Bag – 3-Pack

Tyler Candle Glamour Do Bathroom Spray

Discontinued & Seasonal WoodWick Items!

This legume is steeped in tradition and commonly thought to be a nut. The light, yet distinct aroma make it an appealing ingredient in many cultures. It is often salted and roasted to further enrich its unique characteristics.

Sparkling citrus. A waft of meringue. Vanilla and white nectarines. A flutter of peony.

Bittersweet Apothecary Reed Diffuser

Fragrance Diffusers/RefillsShop All

Medium Blemished Candle Grab Bag – 2-Pack

Aromatic Collection Home Fragrance Mist Votivo Candle

Canvas Collection Bath & Body Products by Capri Blue

Aromatic Collection Reed Diffuser Votivo Candle

Candles, Diffusers, Fragrance Lamps & More

Signature Collection Bath & Body Products by Capri Blue

Answer: The Frasier Fir Large Oval WoodWick Lux Glass Candle is a 30 ounce candle.

Uncle Bubbas Candles by La Tee Da

Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact they are on sale all the time! You can find our standard Mini Wick here: Additionally, the MINI Extended Life Wick, is on sale as well, and can be found here:

Zodax Porcelain Diffusers & Refills

Brushed Platinum Santa Radiant Fragrance Warmer

Question: Do you ever put the mini wicks on sale for the small lamps?

32 oz. Premium Fragrances Lamp Oil Grab Bag – 3-Pack

Holly Berry Red Radiant Fragrance Warmer

Essential Reed Diffusers Illume Candle

Rustic Brown Mission Candle Warmer Lantern

Mandarin Mint 17 oz. Tinted Glass Jar Candle by Aspen Bay Candles

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