How to choose a replacement kerosene burner or electric adap

Remember, a lot is riding on your oil burner and a loose or otherwise ill-fitting kerosene burner can create a fire hazard. Also, it is possible that an incorrect fit between the lamp collar and the burner can result in a failure of the burner to support the weight of your glass lampshade and chimney. Even if you never intend to burn kerosene in the lamp, or you plan to use an electrified burner or adapter, a poor burner-to-lamp-collar fitting can result in your lamp falling apart and breaking.

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First, check what size burner you will need for your lamp (please see What size burner do I need. infrequently asked questions). Once you have the correct size burner, the burner should simply screw clockwise into your lamps threaded collar. You should not have to force the burner to screw into the collar.Important: The burner should be screwed all the way down until all of the male burner threads have been screwed into the collar. If the burner does not fairly easily screw into your lamps collar, you may either have the wrong size burner or your collars female threads have been damaged. Re-measure the inside diameter opening of your collar to assure what size opening and what size burner you will need. If you still think the burner size is correct, then take a look at your collars threads. Do the threads appear dirty or gritty, if so clean them with a toothbrush and warm soapy water and again try threading the burner. If the burner still will not thread into the collar easily, then examine the collar threads again. They should be in good condition with no worn or torn threads. If you see thread damage, you may need to have your collar replaced. That would be a job for a qualified dealer. Please see dealer locator for a dealer in your area.

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The following information should help you choose the correct kerosene and/ or electrified burner for your lamp. It is important to accurately measure the inside diameter of your lamps collar. The chart below should cover most American, Canadian and European collar sizes for Kerosene type lamps.

If you are unsure of the burner size you need, measure the inside diameter of the lamp collar (see fig. 1). Then, you may check our catalog descriptions forkerosene burnersthat require a lamp collar that is the same as your measurement. The No. 2 size collar/lamp is most common in North America but smaller and larger sizes are not uncommon.

To look well balanced and proportionate, we think a chimney should extend from about 3 to 4 above the top the shade on a full sized lamp.

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If your lamp sets on a table and has a burner or adaptor then it probably requires a lamp chimney. For choosing the correct chimney height for your lamps glass shade, the following chart should be helpful.

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How to choose a replacement kerosene burner or electric adapter for your lamp

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If your lamps collar has an inside diameter different from the ones noted above, you should consult with our dealer locator for a dealer in your area before trying to electrify. If your lamp collar has an inside diameter of 2 3/8 and has a tube running thru the center of the collar, you will need to consult with our dealer locator for a dealer in your area.

Note: Most True Miniature Lamps have a maximum height of about 9 to the top of chimney. If your lamp is a little taller, it may be considered either a small Finger Lamp or a Small Lamp and will require a No. 0 Eagle or No. 1 burner.

One point that cannot be stressed enough when choosing an oil or kerosene burner for your lamp is that the fit between burner and lamp collar must be very good. That is, the threading in the collar of your lamp must fit the threading on the base of the burner you intend to use so that there is no wiggle or wobble whatsoever when the burner is screwed down.

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We offer electrified burners and adaptors in the following sizes;

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With the burner attached, place one hand firmly on the lamp base or column, to hold it in position, while with the other hand apply a semi-vigorous rocking motion to the oil burner. Rock the burner back and forth with a lightly upward pulling pressure. If the threading is a poor match, the burner will either loosen up from your rocking motion, which you will detect, or will pull free of the lamp collar altogether.

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*The products identified in this advertisement are manufactured by B&P Lamp Supply, Inc. and are not licensed, inspected, or warranted by Aladdin Industries LLC. They should not be confused with ALADDIN® brand products or parts manufactured by Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. of Clarksville, Tn. ALADDIN® is a registered trademark of Aladdin Industries, LLC.

In addition, you may check the Oil Lamp Hardware Guidelines on this page to find a collar opening size that matches your lamp. B & P Lamp Supply stocks many, but not all of the different burners listed in the left column of the Oil Lamp Hardware Guidelines. If you have a lamp in need of a special size burner you may check ourDealer Locatorpage for help in finding the correct kerosene burner for your lamp

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You may electrify your oil lamp if it has a threaded lamp collar with one of the above noted inside diameters. You will need to accurately measure the inside diameter of your lamp collar and then select a burner/adaptor from the above noted group. (Our descriptions for burners and adaptors will state the size of the burner/adaptor.) If your lamp has an oil burner on it, simply unscrew the oil burner counterclockwise until it comes off the lamp collar. (Important TO PREVENT A SHOCK HAZARD – check to see if your lamps kerosene reservoir has any fuel remaining. If it does, pour the remaining fuel into a glass jar and properly dispose of the fuel. Then rinse and completely dry your lamp fount before mounting an electrified burner). Once you receive the burner/adaptor, simply screw it into your lamps collar in a clockwise direction.

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The best way to avoid an incorrect burner-to-lamp fit is to carefully test the burner for a proper fit before you add fuel or glassware to the lamp. Test the fit by screwing the burner down in a normal fashion until it is tight to the lamp. The burner should thread smoothly and snuggly into the lamp collar.

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First measure your glass shade if you already have a shade. (If you are buying a shade, refer to the fitter or the diameter information given in the products description.)

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height of the shade (measurements noted are close approximates)

Once you have determined your collar opening, refer to the burner recommended. We offer replacement burners on all listed except for the

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