If you read the words at ordinary times, how many color temperature light sources should you choose?

Just say the key, the color temperature of the table lamp is within 5000k, the luminaire color rendering index is about 95 or above
To meet this requirement, no matter whether the yellow light is white or not, you like the yellow light to be yellow and the white light to be white. As long as the color rendering index is high, the color temperature is in range. In the past two years, after continuous trials of various lamps, including the current mainstream lamp
The current point of view has changed a lot with the past, especially the current high color rendering index led technology suddenly returned to the topic, or straightforward and straightforward topic, not nonsense, the specific reason why after years of reasoning
Said table lamp selects two hard indicators
First, the color temperature is lower than 5000k, higher than this indicator, the problem of blue light is obvious
Second, the color rendering index can not be lower than 90, lower than this indicator, it is also obvious Blu-ray problem

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(1) Halogen lamp system.

With regard to DC halogen lamps, there are not many current products. In fact, because halogen products are heat-emitting, there is a cooling process. The flickering of AC power is not obvious. It has little effect on the eyes of normal people, and it is stronger than some LED lights that will flicker. More, you can understand the basic useless problem.
But the emphasis is still on the disadvantages of halogens. Halogens have only a continuous spectrum of heat emission and they have natural myopia.
Do not think that halogen is the most eye-catching luminaire. Halogen has a lot of infrared spectrum and infrared is easy to generate heat.
With a large amount of heat and close use, it can easily lead to loss of water on the face and eyes. The specific consequences are imagined.
In addition, the color temperature is not high, yellow is easy to make people feel sleepy.

(2) Fluorescent lamps

In fact, now that the high-end LED is popular, fluorescent lamps have already been eliminated.
Previously recommended fluorescent lamps have been discontinued and various classics have not been available.
The main advantage of fluorescence is that the surface glow is soft and the blue light control is good, so it looks comfortable

(3) led lights

In recent years, the quality of LED products is leaps and bounds.
Up to 95 color rendering index, refresh everyone’s understanding of high-quality lamps
Ordinary 80 or so marked bulb I do not recommend, we use direct election Panasonic, Osram, Philips 5000k color temperature can be, basically not recommended is significantly lower, see things tired

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