IKEA enters the smart lighting fray

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Its limited feature line no colors, for instance will include a basic entry model that wont do much but that consumers just might find affordable.

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IKEAs new Trådfri line starts as low as 15 ($18.70) in the UK for a single remote-controlled bulb that can dim or brighten via a stylish IKEA handheld steering wheel. Unlike more sophisticated smart bulbs, the bulb does not change color temperatures let alone color. A 29 ($36) version of the same bulb includes three different warmth settings. Neither bulb connects to the Internet or responds to smartphone apps.

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As the company declares it is ready to launch Li-Fi in its luminaires, a French real estate company starts putting the technology through its paces. But prime time will have to wait.

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The IoT lighting at HBMSU enables faculty staff to control and personalize light settings using a smartphone app, while students can be guided to rooms using lighting-based indoor positioning technology.

But at 15 and 29, the limited functionality might hook consumers on smart lighting, which has remained a niche market as consumers balk at much higher price tags for fancier systems, such as the 150 that UK retailers currently charge for a full-color, Internet-connected, voice-capable, three-bulb starter kit version of Philips Hue line.

Its still early days at the E.Leclerc hypermarket, but the Zumtobel system is off to a good start. Not everyones interested, though.

The company adds a range of color- and CCT-changing luminaires to add ambience to gardens, yards, porches, driveways, paths, you name it. Just in time for summer BBQs. Almost.

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The company will begin selling Trådfri in the UK, US, and continental Europe in April. It has been offering the non-Internet remote-controlled bulbs in some continental European countries since September, the spokesperson said, adding that IKEA plans to roll out the range in other countries in October.

Curiously, the Internet gateway will not initially allow users to control lights from another location via the Internet a common selling point for smart lighting although IKEA says it will add that capability in the fall.

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The commercial IoT lighting specialist teams with its close friend Aurora to release residential products in the UK and Australia, using ZigBee controls rather than Bluetooth.

At the top of the Trådri line, IKEA is charging 69 ($86) for two variable temperature and dimmable bulbs controllable by a smartphone app that allows personalized settings and presets. Like with the 29 bulb, warmth has three settings a 2200K warm glow, a 2700K warm white, and a 4000K cool white. The 69 kit includes the two bulbs and an Internet gateway that lets consumers use the Trådri app to control lights from phones or other computers. The system taps ZigBee wireless protocols.

Once consumers start to buy basic smart lighting products, they could in turn move up to more advanced wares, prompting the residential smart lighting market to finally gain altitude. An IKEA spokesperson toldLEDs Magazinethat IKEA plans to eventually add color.

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All data, all the time: The companys new Interact system continuously collects and analyzes information gathered from lighting and other sources.

Both alliances are aimed at indoor positioning one for retail stores, the other for healthcare settings.

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Lynk Labs plans proactive effort to collect licensing fees for AC LED technology, while MLS has become the sole owner of LEDvance and more rumors swirl about GE Lighting and Current divestiture.

LM-80 LED test reports from the Citizen Electronics Laboratory are no longer being accepted for market transformation programs at Energy Star and DLC after Citizen was found to have falsified some test data.


NOTE:Prices in this story are based on the UK retail market; pricing might be different in other countries.

IoT lighting controls based on software will add flexibility and personalization to SSL systems, explains Beatrice Witzgall. The newly-enabled features will also change forever the specification process.

An SSL retrofit is underway at the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower in Nashville, and Osram Sylvania Lighting Solutions is partnering with the government to upgrade lighting in facilities across the state.

Helping to keep the wares within a certain price point, the Swedish-inspired, Dutch mass merchandiser excluded at least two features that other smart bulb makers such as Philips Lighting tend to offer: color, and compatibility with Google, Amazon, or Apple voice control systems.

The IKEA entry-level bulbs fit existing sockets and do not require any other expenditure. For example, users do not have to first purchase an expensive starter kit the way some vendors require.

IKEAs new Trådfri line generally injects lower prices from a trusted brand into a smart lighting scene characterized by prohibitive tags such as the 150 for Philips Hue color starter pack, or even the 99 for Philips two-bulb, variable white starter package, which is 30 more than the 69 Trådri two-bulb kit although the Philips has more capabilities. Some observers say industry prices could now start to tumble.

Broader smart city functions could come later, but the clever, cost-saving LED lights will at first stick closer to illumination purposes.

The change reflects the industrys new IoT lighting-and-beyond zeitgeist. Shareholder approval pending.

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IKEA starts the Trådfri smart lighting range with a wirelessly dimming bulb that doesnt change color temperatures. In typical IKEA style, the remote control wheel is available in different colors such as yellow.

Chip-scale package (CSP) LEDs continue to evolve with Osram Opto Semiconductors and Samsung launching new products just prior to Light+Building.

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Reports of the humble switchs death might have been greatly exaggerated. Philips partners are adding familiar tactile buttons to augment app and voice commands.

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IKEAs Trådri line also includes a 25 motion sensor, as well as various LED light panels and what IKEA calls light doors that range in price from 55 to 100.

After dabbling in smart lighting in continental Europe, home furnishing retail giant IKEA is now bestowing its imprimatur on the concept, broadening its rudimentary line in Europe, introducing it to the US, and in trademark fashion positioning it as more affordable than rival products already on the market.

New CEO Jacob Tarn has already put his mark on the organization with a focus on global presence and development of a supply chain and product-development approach that will serve the broad SSL market.

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