IKEA Lighting

Childrens lighting- Kids will love an orange mushroom, a pink flower, a blue star, or a yellow moon.

. They also specialize in furniture, appliances, and home accessories. Ikeas founder, Ingvar Kamparad, named his company using the initials of his name, the farm where he grew up, and his hometown, Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd , Agunnaryd.

LED lights- Space age looking, lasting over 20 years, using a tiny bit of energy

Some light sources mount on the walls, or in the wall (spotlights), or on the the ceiling. Others are designed for flat surfaces like desks, tables, or counters, and can be moved and connected to any socket. They also offer LED lights which have great advantages and benefits: they are are cleaner, and are energy savers with a longer lifespan than the regular lights,saving up to 85% electricity usageover conventional lighting.

Ceiling lights- More than100 styles and colors, ranging in price from $5 – $145

Ikea lightingprovides stylish sources of illuminationpacked in modern, minimal, and compact designs. They can adapt to accommodate any indoor spaces, whether for your home and family, or for public spaces, like offices, restaurants, schools, etc. The trademarks of Ikea lighting are originality and modern innovation through streamlined features, and they are made of materials of high quality.

Ikea is a world renowned company from Sweden

Floor lamps- Sixty plus styles and colors, including flexible necks.

, and has been considered the largest furniture retailer since 2008. The company is known for its

Many of their lights feature flexible necksthat bend in the direction you want the light to strike. This allows you great flexibility with controlling your light sources. Various models come with different shapes, types, and strengths of light bulbs, including LED. You can also select frommany styles of shades, bases, and cords,and of course, replaceable accessories. When you visit Ikeas website and look at their categories of lighting, you will be amazed at the number of selections for you to choose from.

Besides these, they have much more -work lamps, spotlights, integrated lighting, decorative lighting, bathroom lighting, series lighting sets, shades, bases and cords, light bulbs, and accessories.Its easy to see why everyone loves Ikea lighting.

, particularly famous for their branch company,

Other models of Ikea lighting are their mobile lights sources, which you can take with you wherever you go,thanks to their small size, light weight, and modern technology. They also make light sources that cast dramatic and strong light for theatrical effects, and they can be used on stages, for concerts, and performances. Their junior styles feature colored lights and playful designs especially made for childrens environments.

modern architectural designs, eco-friendly and simple style, and their interior illumination decor.

Table lamps- Nearly 100 lamps to add color, flavor and style to your room

Ikea lighting provides stylish sources of illumination.

Wall lamps- Around 30 styles, from clip ons, to wall mounted, most priced around $15

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