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The Republic of Chile does not recognize dual nationality except for Spain because Chile and Spain have signed the Recognition Dual Nationality Agreement.

3. insects, trial bacterium, bees, honey, animal sperm and biological products

Address: Room 305, International Guidu Restaurant, No.65, Yanan West Road

Custom RegulationsChile has strict quarantine on entry of animals and plants. According to the prescription of customs, people go there should make a declaration if they take the following articles:

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Fernando Reyes Matta

Hours for Visa Interview: 10:00-12:00, Monday-Friday

Address: No. 1, Dong Si Jie, San Li Tun, Chaoyang District

Generally speaking, it takes five working days to process the visa applications. Please make payment when you present application; RMB 432 for a Single-Entrypermitting 30 days of sojourn in Chile, RMB 642 fora Multiple-Entry permitting a duration of stay for up to 90 days, RMB 1,294 for Resident or Student Visa. Moreover, applicants should pay extra RMB 90 per person for return visa fees. But if the return service is not needed, the RMB 90 will be returned to you. Return visa means that your application will be first permitted by Chile Immigration Department and it give a visa issuance permit tothe Embassy in China.

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4. little animal, pets and fowl, sample of rare wild animals, fur products or auxiliary product

Consular Areas: Shanghai Municipality, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province

5. all kinds of meat, charqui, meat intestines

The above information except your email adress will be published on the website.

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in Shanghai

Please contactChina Embassy inChileif Chileans will go to China.

1. fresh milk, butter, cream, cheese, all kinds of seed, dried fruit

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