2.Fill the lamp only with vegetable oil at the middle opening of the oil lamp. olive oil (was the most often used in ancient times) but common cooking oil sunflower oil, corn oil, etc. works.NEVER USE COMMERCIAL OIL OR ANY FUEL OTHER THAN VEGETABLE OIL.

Large size holds about: 70gr. or 2.4oz. of oil (working time aprox. 9 hours.)

Wait for two minutes so that the wick is saturated with oil.

1.Twist the cotton wick through the wick holder which is located in the front opening of the lamp. Leave the wick about 1c.m. or in. out of the wick holder.

The oil lamp should be filled with a small amount of vegetable oil approximately the 2/3 of their capacity.

Medium size holds about: 30gr. or 1.2oz. of oil (working time aprox. 7 hours.)

Small size holds about: 20gr. or 0.7oz. of oil (working time aprox. 4 hours.)

4.You can adjust the flame in and out of the wick holder by using a pair of tweezers. If the wick is to far out the flame may start to smoke. Make sure the wick is about 1c.m. or in. out of the wick holder. Depending on how much light you want the more out the wick is the more light you will have.

5. After each use clean tip of the burnt wick. The oil lamp from time to time will need to be cleaned, so with hot soapy water scrub the lamp clean. Be sure before relighting that the lamp is dry inside and out. When the wick has finished you may use our extra wick from the Epalladio Accessories, or any cotton wick available. ENJOY!

Using models which resemble the prototypes, EPALLADIO has significantly improved the lamps function for absolute control over the burning of the oil.

3.Now you can light your oil lamp!!

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