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Each week we select a popular teaching from Jons archives. This weeks teaching from Genesis is How To Read Your Bible.

Whenever I beat one of Gods people verbally or in my heart, Im smiting Christ, the Rock of my salvation, and destroying the fruit of His Spirit in the process. Therefore it is not my job to beat the flock to analyze, scrutinize, or criticize. It is my job to feed the flock to encourage, nourish, and love. Certainly feeding includes warning and exhorting but it does not include beating, bruising, or wounding.

Feed the flock, said Paul, not, Beat the flock, because there has already been One Who was bloodied, bruised, and beaten on our behalf.

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After shepherding sheep on the backside of the desert, the Lord called Moses to shepherd three million people through the wilderness. On their way to the Promised Land, his authority was questioned time after time. In Numbers 16, we read that Dathan, Abiram, and Korah brought 250 leaders of the nation of Israel to Moses, saying, Who gave you authority to lead us?

The story of Moses continues. The years passed and the people began complaining once again saying, Were out of water, Moses. Youve brought us out here to die. In response to their complaint, the Lord instructed Moses to speak to the rock from which water would flow (Numbers 20:8). Instead of speaking to the rock, however, Moses struck it with the rod, while saying to the people, You rebels. Must we fetch water for you?

In response to their question, the Lord instructed Aaron to have one leader from each tribe place a rod in the tabernacle along with his. They did so, and the next morning, the rods looked just as they had left them all except for Aarons, which had blossomed.

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Therefore, because He was beaten in our place, I must not beat myself or beat others.

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What is fruit? Galatians 5:22 defines it as love love which is joy, love which is peace, love which is longsuffering, love which is gentle, good, faithful, meek, and temperate. If we truly love people, we will have authority to give direction to them because they will see the fruitfulness of the Lords love blossoming in us.

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