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The study of ancient India is both fascinating and mysterious. What was the Vedic lifestyle like? How did the great language Sanskrit — used in Hindu rituals even today — cease to be in circulation? Did the war of Mahabharata really happen? What happened to the tradition of architecture that gave us the great temples of India? Were the Aryans, Indians? Why did Indians started worshipping genitalia? How did the caste system came about?

Social Themes Depicted in the Sculptures of Sanchi

Dancer from Mohenjo-daro — 21st Century B.C.

There are no specific answers to these, but in the following research articles, archaeological evidences, and references to other published works on the topic, we have tried to throw light on ancient India. Please note that the termancient is used loosely, without regard to specific time period in Indian history. The termmedievalrefers to the time period between 9th Century A.D. to 14th Century A.D.

Dr. Jyotsna Kamat hosts an amusing online exhibition of historical artifacts on education in India through the centuries.

The pre-historic rock paintings of Madhya Pradesh are 5000 to 20000 years old. Dr. K. L. Kamat wonders on the meaning of some of the paintings.

A Medieval Man Wearing a Stitched Headgear

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